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Is this a joke Lydia

Mortem in the aviary. How and WHY is this allowed


Not surprising. I’ve came across several myself in Aviary.

Soon Mortem will be found in much lower Arenas i.e. Lockdown or Marshes. As many lower level players will be able to unlock the beast with the help of high level players.

Then we will see more players come here in the forum and

  1. Ask for Mortem to be nerf;
  2. Lodge complaints about unfair matchmaking;
  3. Lodge more complaints when the low level players boost their Mortems to the maximum.

Mine is terrorizing the avairy starting wednesday

Mortem is easier to kill than Thor with cunnings. It’s just going to be a real problem against Resilients. Bring em on.


My alt runs Morty and lux in high aviary low library… I’d be more worried about the lux…its awesome even unboosted


Bruh, Lux is scarier than mortem double Rampage, regen and the counter enough to kill anything

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Personally lux is better but it’s easier to get. Like I can’t get mortem but I can now do lux raids with my 22 tryo, what level should it be to do mortem

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this is why on another thread i suggest adding rarity and level restrictions to arenas

It was a huge mistake by Ludia to allow for low level players to gain access to the apex creatures.

Players with the necessary top dinos carry low level players through and this inevitably means apex dinos will terrorise the lower arenas.

Any balance that did exist will be gone and even more players at low levels will rage quit the game.

What Ludia fail to realise is that this will create more problems all the way up to the top. It will only get worse as more players quit before they get there. Less competition means we end up with such crap that happened in the top arena. No one to play so the top players play the minions and everyone is even more fed up.

An ill thought out idea again by the powers that be, and it’s too late to do anything about it now.

Well I suppose they could make the most annoying unique available in store at a price…
Oh yeah, they did !



I think there should be a rarity restriction to arenas


so there won’t be apex in lower arenas

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How do you then progress out of those arenas if you can’t play better dinos’s as you get them?

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dethrone of thoradolosaur

Apex in Aviary isn’t necessarily a problem. it would be where lv 26 creatures that aren’t the usual suspects would start showing up for players. going lower, it starts to be an issue because teams start not bing able to handle them as effectively, but thats the same with things like Thors, indos, and monolomtrodons that tend to be higher than the rest of a player’s team.