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Is this a joke?


how does someone (beside the ligitimacy of it) with this team manage to be outside top 100? :confused:

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RNG for the win! Plus money and other methods of finding many many Trexs :smiley:


There are always people out there with an unhealthy obsession with stuff like this. As an example as one who wears a fitbit to count step every day and part of getting a discount on what is taken out of my paycheck for insurance, there are literally people who keep up with 50,000 steps per day. That’s insane.

Having 8 level 30 unique dinos is insane. You can’t grind that many coins and to get the DNA for all that, you would literally not have a job and be playing this game from the time you get up till you go to bed, including getting up in the middle of the night to dart things. Buying the green bucks for all the coins alone for that team is over $1200. Insane.

To each their own, is suppose.

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Even during days in which I play 12 hours, Im lucky to find 1 erliko/kentro/ankylo etc.
He has every zone’s rarest epic hybrid on 30, and isnt vip…
Of course i dont have proof, but no vip and around rank 100 with a team like this is a sign, especially when the top 3 dont have this


oh, how i wish i lived in L5!


mmmmm the mysterious L5! We should organize an expedition to find this holy land!


Like a crusade… Maybe there’s a Holy Grail of DNA?


Indeed, I believe so!


I’ve got my coconut shells and I’m ready to ride!


He the Russian guy who won the bid calling contest of indoraptor in jw2. You can get everything else likewise.

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