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Is this a lottery game?


The more I play and evolve, the more I realize it’s more about luck / bad luck than strategy.

chances of dodge
chances of critical damage
chances of stun
chances of dino from incubator
chances of dino spawn
chances of dna fused
chances of 4 dinos choosen from 8 dinos team
chances of facing a much higher level opponent in battles
chances of ludia fix game bugs… ops, sorry, i didn’t resist.

random aspect is welcome, something necessary to avoid logic paradoxes, to bring dinamic to game.
but with caution. i think jwa has too many random aspect.

well, i know i’m not the only nor the first one to post about that. but it’s my point of view, as an i.t. professional.

i don’t know what kind of random generator algorithm ludia is using, but it seems not working well, as i see a lot of stygimoloch never stun a dino for many battles, or allosaurus seem to have 90% critical chances… or indominus seem to have a useless cloak.

but apart of probability generated, it’s too many random generated things, throwing in the trash all possible strategies.

Game Has Become Super RNG
Increase team to 12?
Is This Game Manipulated?
Stop this rng immediately NOW!

If you don’t want rng go play checkers.


It’s Los Vegas gambling.

If you noticed, they made the drops sound like slot machines which is completely ridiculous for a “Jurassic” world.

Treasure chests? I mean really. What do treasure chests have to do with dinosaurs or even Jurassic World the movies?

Battle towers? How about we hunt for and battle dinosaur poachers? You know… Like they had in the Jurassic World movies.


if you love rng, go play ludo.

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After playing about 2 days many battles with stygimoloch in team, it did stun almost NO dino. And this is not about immunes.

Then in a battle i received a critical damage from a 20% critic dino. ok, this is normal, but then i choosen another dino, finished that 20% critic (i don’t remember what dino now), and opponent choosen ALANQA… and i get 2 SUCCESSIVES critical damages from ALANQA. Its a 5% dino. In 4 turns i get hit critical 3 times, against 20% then 5% dinos.

I think that… even if i agree with all rng aspects of the game, it seems not working as expected. another bug?


Yep, I dropped back down to Badlands - more about Dino and less about RNG there. Still exists, just not as much as at the higher levels. Having more fun here, which was why I got the game in the first place.

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90% luck, 10% skill.
That is this game.

Guess which is the team that wins, using only one creature: (it wasn’t Draco)


Unfortunately that’s what most of us come to realize. RNG is part of practically every game of this sort, but JWA goes a little too far on that… 50/50 dodges and 75% stuns that don’t work 75% of the time are just stupid…


And 10 minutes ago my draco did 2 successive critical damages. Good for me, but its ANOTHER 5% critical dino. The opponent player maybe is angry now. Because its strategy was excellent to beat me.


Yes, my critics are about this. Basicly 2 points:

  1. Too many random aspects everywhere in game. Could be less.
  2. Random not working as expected from info numbers.


if (rand() % 100 < 5) {
critical = yes;


if (ludiaWantsMeWin) {
critical = yes;


Another nice example few minutes ago in a firendly battle.

my utasinoraptor did that 40%+ critical move (total 45%), but no critical hit. then was hit critical by a 5% dino.
ok, let’s try another dinos… opponent used paramoloch, and it stun me 3 successive times. then later final round, when i put a brand new full health tyranolophosaurus, paramoloch is back and stun me 3 successive times again.

it was a total of 6 successful stun from a single “75% chances of stun” dino, no critical from a “45% critical” dino, and a successful critical from a “5% critical” dino.

all in a single battle.

Am I lost in math? or the rng is broken? :scream:

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But the normal thing is for the 75% stun to work… The bad luck is when it doesn’t work in sequence, like it happens to many of us…


Although RNG does play a significant role, you guys are citing isolated examples that prove nothing… Besides, there are counters to evasive moves, cloaks and crits… They are called nullifying and distracting strikes… RNG runs in cycles, it is true, but at the end of the day, you’ll find your team floating within a 200 trophy range, which is where you belong, based on your team’s capabilities…

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the point is rand() is called for EVERY action in game.

if its really 75%, 5% or whaterver % we’ll never know, and your keep playing dice instead of try to master strategy and go a little far from win 200 battles + loose 200 battles a day.

your strategy means almost NOTHING with all these random working behind.

well… what im talking about. its all about dino collection and RA.
win battle or ranking better its a matter of money or cheat.


its like slots at first… then you make an educated decision on who to pick. then its roulette time… with a hand of blackjack every once in awhile… if you win she will let you poker😂

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this is a capitalist society like game.

players who spend money ranking best, with all dinos unlocked at highest levels.
like rich people.

and so are cheaters/spoofers.
like corrupts.

below is vip members and players that doesnt sleep to get coins or dna, battling and dreaming to be higher.
like middle class people.

at bottom the non vip members, that play like normal people, ranking lower and will never see indoraptor in team.
like poor people.



The too-frequent 10 DNA fuses prove that this game is partially a gamble. This is what I got after hours and hours of night raptor hunting, only to be rewarded with too many 10s. Last fuse was a 10 of course.

I finally found another Rexy, and I’m sure you can guess what the single fuse I got out of that was…


well remembered… fuse is not just random. its random with 90% chances of 10 dna.


I can feel you, man! Getting my Indoraptor from 27 to 28 has been a nightmare… Been trying for over two months, cause every single fuse has been a solid 10… Now I’m at 393/400, so will level today… Just need 1,000 Velociraptor DNA, which should be no problem!

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Thanks to the daily missions I finally got mine to 30 today, so now it’s time to start the Trykosaurus grind. Yup, that final fuse was a 10! :grinning:

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