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Is this a mistake that the last tournament for 5 weeks is unique advantage?

Shouldn’t it be a skilled instead? Please correct it!

Come on, we have had 2 uniques in 2 tournaments continuously already, now the third one? Plus, the 5th game had always been a skilled tournament, now an advantage? Is it a mistake?

Fed up with all the unique advantages. It’s like playing the arena again and again. First, you dumped all the Apexes to Arena and then showered the tournaments with unique advantages. Already feel like a chore to play in Arena with the same dinos again and again, and now the tournament has become Arena.

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Problems for unique advantage as the 5th game in August:

  1. 5th game had been always unique skills. More weight in tournaments should be given to skills vs. money AKA boosts.

  2. We have had 2 unique advantages in 2 tourneys continuously already, while there had been none before that. No notice was given with this major change, and thus most of the tourney teams’ boosts and lineups have not been set up this way.

  3. With the major functioning changes and no boost reset, it’s not right to let players play with handicapped teams.

Therefore, please correct the format of game 5 and change it back to skilled.


quetzorion is 4 weeks. skoona is 5 weeks

Unique advantage are better than skilled. Like you said they have been skilled for so long. This actually rewards people for having different Uniques leveled up to 30.

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I feel that any tournament that awards HC or Coins should be skilled. Give a fair chance to everyone, including up and coming players. Prevent discouragement. Have advantage tourneys where DNA is up for grabs.

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Totally agreed.

They have been rewarded in the Arena already

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Then sit it out. It’s one weekend, not every tournament, and stop acting like it is. Not all of us have overboosted Epics and Rares that used to dominate very nearly every single tournament for months on end with maybe the occasional Legendary tournament thrown in to give many other players a somewhat more even playing field.

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It’s ridiculous because it is a coin tournament. This allows the ‘rich’ to become richer without ever letting the ‘poor’ catch up. The idea behind advantage tourneys as they are always the ones that involved getting DNA. The skilled have always been the coin, cash, stat boost tourneys for the reasons I said above. This 5th tourney goes completely against that.


Don’t be hyperbolic. You can get up to 21,000 coins a day from the supply drops, on top of the 5-11k coins we can get from the Rare and Epic incubator strike towers that happen twice a week, on top of the few hundred the smaller incubators reward every day.

So you do realize there is a huge difference between cash and coins, right?

yes we all know it

You don’t really need to have overboosted anything to play a skilled tournament.

Your overboosted uniques take over the arena every day, so why every championship?

why would a tournament player sit out?

correct, it’s not every weekend but it has been 3 in the last 3 months. The whole last year + have not had 1 unique advantage and now they are taking over the championships with no announcement or anything. Not to mention that the last 2 have been x2 tournaments.

Arena and Tournaments have always been different and that is the way that it should be. They are 2 different aspects of the game. You get to use different creatures that you cannot use in Arena if you want to play competitive.

If you want to use Unique then play Arena and continue to allow the others the chance to use the less meta creatures.

Making Tournaments the “old” Arena is not fun.

Because the only way you’re ever going to get Ludia to listen is if you’re part of a very substantially large outcry asking for a change (like what happened with the Resilients) and thus start a mass exodus from the game until such a change happens, or if you become one of their highest paying customers in the game.

Given that most of the player base wanted something else other than Epic advantages constantly dominating every other tournament, I sincerely doubt all of those players are all of a sudden gonna reverse course, and Ludia as well.

So that just leaves you with 4 options: A. Become one of their highest paying customers (or VIPs I guess), B. Deal with it, just like everyone else, because this is probably the new norm and it’s only something you’ll only have to deal with once a month, C. Boost your Uniques (meta-relevant or otherwise) and join the club, or D. Sit out the tournament.

Yes coins are needed to level up dinos while cash is not.

I did not realize the Arena rewarded players with cash.

Arena rewards players with DNAs and trophy counts.

Option A: voice our opinions.

The suggestion here is to change the unique advantage back to unique skilled. Your assumption of “most of the plyer base” doesn’t want this is out of your imagination.

Video game companies don’t care about your opinions if it doesn’t risk affecting their wallets. In any way.