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Is this a possibility for monthly alliance championship?

Personally the weekend alliance championship is the worst aspect of the game for me.

If it’s a skill tourney it’s a speed tie issue, so the so called skill is not relevant at all.

If it’s an advantage tourney we get the boosted dinos and high level dinos that are otherwise useless all over the place and that’s not my idea of fun at all.

So… why not let us use our normal pvp matches as tourney matches if we want to?

Sure, we won’t win anything like the cash, coins, boosts or dna if we don’t actually choose to enter, but we would at least have the battles done for our alliance if our normal pvp battles count. And those players like me who think it sucks to level up crappy dinos just for a weekend tourney will be much happier.

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Just join an alliance that doesn’t require championship participation if its such a bother to even get the 10 takedowns.

What a great idea @BuffNemys, why didn’t I think of that?

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I don’t believe that that is the point Schtemty is making here…


Tournements for me are 15 minutes, 10 takedowns and bye.

But I hate the Arena, there are weeks where I skip it. And like me there are more players, so when the Arena battles are going to count I think more players wil be unhappy then now the case is.

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That’s a fair point @MarijkeVZ, I can’t say I enjoy the arena that much either.
I have 3 accounts, my main, an alt and my sons old account and I’m in an alliance that keeps my motivation for playing alive. I do like to get my dbi’s and alliance contributions done, and just figured if I didn’t have to enter and waste time and resources on the weekend tourney it would be easier for me.

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I understand where you are coming from. I’m nurse so I work weekends and nightshifts. So tournements aren’t my favorite things either…:blush:

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Glad I could have helped resolve this issue

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