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Is this a real bug?

Is this a bug? 250 points to get to step 21?

HAHAHA, well people were complaining the quest pass finished too soon! Classic Ludia…

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Seriously? 250 points to get a 12h book (value = 40 gems)??
I hope it’s a bug

This is consistent with ludia’s strategy of making us work harder for less rewards. I dont think its a bug

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Than, they should have stated it in the announcement

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This is another example of reckless mismanagement. This will undoubtedly result in a further reduction in active players. It must have been obvious to Ludia that players would abhor these changes.

Compounding the quest pass/warrior pass issue was a foolish choice. I do not understand why the developer stubbornly continues to unnecessarily aggrieve players with each new and/or revised feature.

In this case, the impact of the unappealing quest pass system when combined with the complete abandonment of PvE challenge mode events, and related spellbooks leaves me with very little activity each month. The current offerings are inadequate to warrant maintaining my VIP membership. I suspect others are also struggling with this decision.


@Keith would you please investigate on this?

I already asked the team, level 1 - 20 of quest pass are 50pts while levels 21 and 22 are 250pts. So it is not a bug.

@Keith Was this stated in the release?

Not explicitly, but I would assume it fall into

@Keith first of all thanks for your continued support.
I think there is a seriousl probelm at Ludia. How can 250 points for a 12 hours book (40 gems value) be considered a rebalance? Seriously?

Just to recap:
50 points = roughly 1000gems worth

250 points = 40 gems worth


While I am happy to pass on your concerns about value, I would like to point out the same 50 pts gets you a lower-valued chest throughout the quest pass, so it is unfair to compare it to the most valuable chest that appears less frequently than others.

Still something around 40ish gems worth…so why on the one hand we need 50 points and on the other 250?
I would understand a proportional goal vs value, i.e. red chest 200 points, purple chest 150, green chest 75, etc…not that suddenly the goal increases by 5 times for a low valued prize.

I am struggling to see how in the update’s own words sneakily ramping up 5x points requirements for weak prizes higher up the quest ladder encourages more players to collect every prize before the season ends. Surely that would just make players want to not bother.

Is there anyone at Ludia actually versed in user experience or reward based gaming incentives whatsoever?


You guys should know by now that it’s a waste of time trying to explain obvious issues to customer support. They don’t care


@Fizbanius, as usual, I find I am in agreement with your critique.

Unfortunately the developer has proven time and again to be incapable of viewing their products and features from the player’s perspective. They are unable to comprehend the multi-faceted prism through which players view these features. They are tunnel blind; focusing only on the revenue capacity of features and changes. They always seem to overlook important elements such as playability, difficulty, duration, enjoyment, player sentiment, etc. This explains why each of the current product offerings from Ludia is lagging. While successful developers seem capable of viewing the entire forest, Ludia has been stuck blankly staring at the same 3 or 4 dead trees for more than a year.


And the funny thing is, we are their target demographic - people who are fans of the D&D franchise who want to play a game of this sort on a mobile platform. Therefore we offer the perfect market research feedback, are the perfect test subjects for any products or services. We are the ones willing to spend money on the game, have made it crystal clear what we would or wouldn’t be willing to spend money on in game. It’s not like they are limited in terms of the resources they can provide - they can code unlimited gems, gold, weapons etc… And if people perceived what was being offered as generous they would throw real money at the game if the value was fair.

We are also most likely to know other people who would have a similar interest and therefore if we were happy with the game and they gave us the social elements of the game we asked for, we’d most likely invite other friends in and therefore increase the userbase, as well as publish rave reviews on the app store thus growing the game that way too.

So something has gone fundamentally wrong here, we are literally throwing them a bone every time we give honest feedback, instead of just upping and quitting and letting the game fail quietly. Someone must be reading this who is part of the WoW team and there must be a lightbulb that comes on in their head and thinks - hang on we’re not handling this well at all.

It’s either that or there’s a siege mentality where they think the game is fantastic and they just think we’re a bunch of ungrateful whiners.


Really have got cheap and for much more effort.

0/250 required to get to 19th, only 1 red chest. Many VIP empty spaces, which makes no sense!

This is not the way to reward VIP membership or motivate any players to play this game.

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250 pts to get to a 12hr book… no one would bother, they do so to force daily play because players want the red chest.

REALLY chintzy, standard Ludia behavior.

At least on the way to the final reward, during events, 100gp are given out, which has always been a pathetic reward, laughable really but it would be better than a gap.

And since Ludia obviously doesn’t care about the community, if nothing else, a gold icon would be more visually appealing than a gap!!


Since I started playing I have never missed a quest reward. Last month my final reward was two red chests.
This time I’m not going to get the final reward. Getting 250 points on those daft quests is just not fun or worth it. Especially since the red chests have been downgraded. If I knew it probably contained a legendary I might try for it. But really, what’s the point?

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