Is this a smart idea

I have 2 level 10 spinotasuchus, (lvl 11 is too strong for my lineup). I have 5000 sdna for tapejalo super hybrid, and a level 30 tapejalo. Should i sell one spinotasuchus for 35k dna, so i can buy 4 tapejalo, get the s hybrid, and sell to get more dinos? Idk how much 1 tapejalo sells for, but it should be enough for me to get more dinos, such as ostapo, darwinopterus/better pterosaurs, indos, etc.

Also i can’t see the CoT for this month, i am level 63.
My lineup for reference

The rest is trash stuff like my huge arrays of lvl 40 commons

Not really.

S hybrids at lvl 1-10 are crazy good in the 4k - 7k ferocity range and even useful after u make the jump to lvl 1 indoraptor ferocity. And their cool downs r super quick. It’s kinda silly to sell such a useful creature to fund less useful creatures imo.

However if there was one s hybrid to sell it would probably b spinotasuchus. It’s amazing especially in the ferocity range I mentioned and maybe my favorite s hybrids and one of my favorite creatures in the game but the reality of it is that the game is so carno heavy that it is not needed and you could have zero in your park and never miss it. Now with that being said if u get crazy and start selling things I would not sell the tape s hybrid. There r other ptero s to fill the gap if u did but it’s stats make it very versatile and useful. A few lvl 20s are good for indoraptor ferocity range and u wouldn’t have to spend lots of DNA on expensive hybrids to deepen your ptero roster right away for that jump if u have enough of them.

Just my 2 cents.

Also read up on the forum about keeping ur team balanced ferocity wise for various reasons. No reason to feed ur I rex or spinotasuchus to lvl 20 when u don’t have any other dinos really close to that strong. You cant get ahead of the difficulty curve in this game by getting stronger dinos. The game just keeps scaling with u so you never gain the upper hand and in some cases u can actually make the game harder by doing so. Better to keep ur dinos at similar ferocities and resist the urge to keep feeding them to max level for no reason.


Why sell? What’s the rush, you dont even have enough food for it, I would just grind the dna needed and not sell creatures that are useful.

Only reason I sell my dimes is that I’m using that dna to get stronger tournament hybrids, selling an s hybrid just so you can get another s hybrid is pretty pointless imo.


Example of balancing ferocity from one of my kids games. We could easily feed all these to dinos to max level but it wouldn’t benefit the game any and make some of the PvE battles more difficult and then render some of the lower ferocity dinos in the lineup practically useless. Instead we keep them at similar levels. It also keeps their cool down times a little lower as well.

ty for the advice and also im super surprised that u guys responded bc i know u guys from like all the forums
thanks for the advice :smiley:

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also i can get carno, but has pyroraptor been an unlock recently?

if not, should i buy copies of it for db so i can get dimes?

I would hold out if I were you, you’ve got spinotasuchus unlocked so no need to spend any bucks on getting another carnivore, the copies will come in time.


ok thanks :slight_smile:
do they come frequently from prize drop?

Prize drop and events yes.

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