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Is this an accurate representation of the state of the game?

…or is it still too early in the season to tell? I was curious how many players are still active in various alliances, so I took a brief look at the first alliance list that popped up when I hit search. Most had less than half of their members showing a trophy count. Then I decided to have a look at the very first alliance I joined, back when alliances were first introduced.

This alliance was started by a friend who I used to see at PoGo Community Day. She was the only other person I knew locally who played JWA, and she started an alliance as soon as they were launched. Months later she quit playing and transferred leadership to one of her friends. He used to do regular purges of inactive members, but this is what it looks like now.


It doesn’t help that Pogo introduced the team rocket stuff, (It cut into my JWA time. LOL) but I don’t think most active alliances look like that. There is a lot of consolidation going on. Too many people created alliances early on without a playerbase to really sustain them all.

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This looks like an abandoned alliance. Sometimes some people just refuse to leave, or they don’t understand the game properly :slight_smile:
Our previous alliance was abandoned/recreated because the leader disappeared, and 2 members stayed behind or so. One of them was still requesting irritator for 2 weeks. Some people just don’t get it.

Our current alliance only has 1 player without a trophy count. He will be removed soon I guess.

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Too early to tell.

Lots of alliances are showing many 0 trophy players.

The responses you get here are skewed, as most of the active forum members belong to active, dedicated alliances. They don’t fully see the reality of the majority playerbase from their keyhole view.

The game is losing far more players than they are gaining. 10k players lost in the last 4 weeks on Samsung alone. Player numbers are at their lowest since launch. This represents a 20% player loss in the last 4 weeks. That should be a major concern.

Meanwhile, at Ludia forums: “Nothing to see here, move along…everything’s just fine”


That’s what I was afraid of :cry: I’ve always looked at the alliance list just to look for funny alliance names, and every few months I look at the old alliance I posted the screenshot of just out of curiosity since it never had a full roster of active players when I was in it and I wondered how long it would last.

I knew something was up with the increase in time-outs while waiting for an opponent. Of course I don’t usually get a bot. I get the “WAITING FOR OPPONENT” screen after the timer reaches 0, then I get to wait another minute for that to time out…

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My own alliance has 12/50 with 0 trophies, more than ever before 5 days into a season. Even more concerning - look at the leaderboard, many of the top alliances have several members with 0 trophies and some well-known players have just disappeared from their alliances and/or the leaderboard.

This makes me sad… this game has so much potential, the needed fixes (especially mm) shouldn’t be so hard to code, so why isn’t it happening?



I was just going through the ‘find alliance’ tab before I read this!

I reset it a few times and most alliances have at least 10 members showing zero. Many up to a third or more. Very few with less than 10 zero members and several with less than 10 members with a number greater than 0. Not all Alliances I look at had 50 members.

Those zero users may still be active, but not in Arena.

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I posted some numbers in my leaderboard statistics thread… my kid has an acount at 2300 trophies at the end of last season it was ranked 112k… that same account is currently worth 72834 rank. But that numbers was almost half that on monday and has slowly gained roughly 10k a day since then.

So while yes, this game is losing players… the other factor is most players are not daily arena players these days.