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Is this an unpopular opinion?


I’m probably going to face a firestorm for suggesting this but here goes nothing…

What if they got rid of crit chances for all dinos that have a 5% crit? Is there anything worse than losing due to being hit with a crit by one of these dinos? Its not like anyone would drop these off their teams for losing that 1 in 20 critical hit, and it would get rid of one of the most annoying ways to lose a match. It’d just be one less thing to cause RNG complaints…“I got hit by TWO 5% crits in one match! Blah blah blah”.

I know it goes both ways but isn’t it 10 times more frustrating when your opponent gets one than it is when one of your own does it?



Crits are a necessary part of the game regardless of the percentages.

Sometimes I think a lot of the posters on these forums just want to play paper-rock-scissors the mobile game. :frowning:

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Honestly, Crits don’t really effect me as much, IF they happen they happen, IF they don’t, cool.

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While I do get quite angry losing to random crits especially 5% crits I don’t mind them as much as something like evasive. Evasive can let something go three free turns without damage which to me is more annoying then once in awhile losing to a crit.


I enjoy my 5% Crits and much as I hate my opponents 5% crits.


That’s why you have nullifiers.


I’m good with crit the way it is. In terms of the RNG issues, it’s the streakiness. I’d even be okay with the 50/50 evasive if it was closer to true 50/50. The programming model makes 6/6 streaks far too common - and I say that from having been on both ends of those battles.


Summed it up well, I can relate to that! :smiley:

Crits are a part of the game, just accept it and enjoy it when it happens to you, but there are times it won’t happen in your favour. That’s what makes the game fun.


Not starting the ongoing RNG debate. RNG is needed to keep the game interesting. I’ve had both positive and negative streaks like anyone. But Regardless evasive is a silly move. And no one has 5 nullifiers on their team, at least anyone ranked.


True, no one has 5 nullifiers in their team. But nullifiers are the best way to deal with evasive right now.

I had lots of issues dealing with Indo/Indom/Monomi dodging a lot in the past. Decided to work on a nullifier in Monostego. Ever since then, when I have Monostego in my team, I’ve been able to deal with them a lot better.


I agree with all points made, Im not anti-crits. I just feel like giving a creature a 5% chance is basically like saying this little bugger doesn’t have the tooth n’ claw to cut you deep, and I feel like its okay for some creatures to not have it. Much the way some have armor and some do not.

Just my personal opinion. 3 of my 8 starters have 5% crits so losing that would certainly affect me.


All good points. Like I said not complaining, I have monosteg as well. Think we’re on the same page here.

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Good to hear :slight_smile: Nice to hear you also have Monostego! Really amazing solid dino.

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I love my Monosteg. She’s on my list to carry to 30.

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Had it before the buff solely to deal with dodgestrich. Glad it got a needed buff. Just need more mono to level it.

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I’ve always pictured the pachy lines like this:


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I used to use dodgestrich before. Thankfully only leveled it to 18 before the nerf happened (though somewhat still regret spending all those Mono DNA to level it till there). Until then I hadn’t even unlocked monostego. Mono DNA stockpiled over time and then I decided enough was enough, I need a solid nullifier, and over time worked on it. Now it’s almost level 23, could be level 24 with one or two Mono spawns. Even contemplating replacing my Stegod with it, maybe later on when I get something end-game like Tryko or Thor at team level.


Mines on 24, about half way to 25. She carries the battle for me at least as much as any other dino.


If I wasn’t so invested in stegod, easy to level up cause of the ingredients I’d replace him as I love Tragod right now but lack of mono has me considering replacing monosteg as he’s my lowest as soon as I can create tryko or something along those lines. I do love monostegs versatility though.

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