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Is this an unpopular opinion?

You get rid of Crits and thors gona be worse than his parent

The idea wasnt to get rid of crits. It was to change any dino that currently has a 5% crit to 0%. Just to get rid of one of those frustrating “the odds of that are too low to keep happening!” moments. For instance today during a swing of several games of bad RNG I had a single game where I got hit with 3 crits from 5% dinos.

Id either like to see less of these, or for Ludia to explain why crits/dodges etc., seem to either work in your favor or against you for several games in a row, rather than truly randomly. It just seems wierd how streaky it is.

You will prolly never get the real reason for the streakyness of rng. The best guess i can come up with is they identified their system was off late in the devolpment cycle rather then recode their rng code they add an enforcer code to make sure that rng eventually evens out. So when you go on a streak of one extreme of rng. The other code kicks in and ensures you get the other extreme. So in the end it evens out.

It definitely seems to even out over time. It just doesnt feel like its random. Could very well be personal bias but Ive seen enough other reputable players complain about it on here to think that its not just me.

No it doesnt feel random at all… but its also something from a programing perspective i dont know if ludia is capable of fixing even if they wanted to. Considering the way they programmed alliance chat, rng is one of the more complicated things to produce.

The 5% Critical chance enables lower level dinos capable to win higher level ones, otherwise level determines win or loss.
I have only two dinos with 5% in my team, others are at least 20%.

The thing is, my 5% crits always happen when the opponent would’ve died anyways, whereas my opponents 5% crits always happen in that final clutch moment of the match

Preach :raised_hands:t4:

Same here … to the point I’ll whisper to my Dino: “you couldn’t have done that on the first move!”

But they never listen :man_facepalming:t4::joy:


On the random crib front. I used to get frustrated about it. Then I read a post on here where some one pointed out most games have a damage range. And I thought "OK so out damage is listed by minimum done and the gold damage “critical” is just the high end of the scale.

Now when I quit I whoop when I’m critted I do the Susan Luci I didn’t win the award again golf clap and think nice lucky shot.