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Is this balance: Everyone can buy 20 BOOSTS ! Good luck in the arena!

Today it’s christmas!

20 boosts in the store!

  • 20 Health
  • 20 Damage
  • 3 Speed

How will that be balance!?


So if there are 20 you already bought 2?

So buy all 20 and u won’t have to worry about it


How did this solve anything? I can keep buying speed boosts (75 total). SMH

Yes. Correct.

I bought some while I could, we see what happens in the future.

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It’s just THE NEW CASH GRAB!!!


My game still says maintenance


Are u on android? Im on apple and my game is still under maintenance

Limit of 75 on speed boosts ?

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So, those boosts that people got by accident are now basically available to everyone. The only difference is that speed was nerfed. Why not just give everyone back their speed boosts and let them reapply them? I guess because this gets them more money. Cool.

iOS here. Go to app store for update.

I have both. And both maintenance still


You can buy max 20 attack, 20 health and 3 speed.

Wait… is this how we get our boosts back?

Android is still down :roll_eyes:

Apparently so is apple? So people with what phones can use it

Yes. Apple.

It’s in Google store too

If that is the way it is… oh well. I wouldn’t care about my trophies and just battle where I end up in the ranks.

Problem is: The trophies/matchmaking is messed up. I only gain trophies but never lose any (hidden/messed up somewhere in the system) and therefore get matched and awarded wrongly.

And this happens to quite a few in my alliance - Maybe to you as well. - I filed a bug report regarding this:

Mine doesn’t work on android or iOS still. Let me update but still says maintenance.

Not in mine (Playstore).

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