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Is this balance: Everyone can buy 20 BOOSTS ! Good luck in the arena!


I just went to my backup iPhone 5S
Had an update, but then the update is in maintenance.
I’m just laughing at this point.


Updated app from play store but still showing under maintenance. Ludia messed up again or it’s Google fault?


Mine said update on the 13th. Installed doesn’t work and says last update on the 10th in play store. Still get maintenance screen

iPhone still one maintenance screen too even though we updated


Same thing to us but check the date. It shows update may 10th in my playstore


Go to appstore and update.


Same here…


Android conspiracy again…free boosts for android users…lol


I wish. I ain’t got no money to buy 20 attack/health boost packs.


Under maintenance for everyone again


Im on android and its still maintenance


But some people got to buy them…its not fair we have to start over…lol


Members of our alliance had already updated, got In game, recovered their refund and boosted dinos again…

Now they’re back in maintenance


Think for a minute 25 x 20 = 500 boosts; that’s enough to get ONE creature to tier 7 (nearly tier 8) or 8 creatures to tier 5. And there are only 75 speed boosts. I don’t think the world is going to end.

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Was this not possible?

Another bug?!


What’s happening?!

[News] Jurassic World Alive | Stat Boosts Roll Back

This is not supposed to be happening. What’s wrong with your engineers, Ludia? I think someone is getting fired.


Well. Probably they will compensate the lose for all days we coulden’t buy boosts.

But I thought this update would restart everything.

So from TODAY we only could buy 1 packages of boost.


Speed has been nerfed and reduced availability. I reboosted Thor because reasons :smiling_imp: