Is this balanced strike towers distribution?

After few days again happened that there is no small strike is sight. Strike should appear 12 hours after reset time. As you can see on video, @Ned, @E.D, there are enough drops without towers, where could appear. You can see advantage trial everywhere and one single boosts strike. This is second week in a row that towers don’t appear at all in sight. Only time before when this happened constantly was ne years week, when we had so many tower. On a day with only two towers and one trial this shouldn’t happen.

Yeah it’s pretty stupid that they haven’t done anything to fix this. I mean, there are people who can’t even leave the house for 14 days now, and if they fall behind because they can’t get the strike towers, they’ll just stop playing and move on to something else. Yet nothing has been done and nothing has been communicated.

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Exactly. One hour before reset small strike appeared, so I still need to go out and have only one hour to do it. Actually little more than half an hour now.

@Dinotris @Dactyl

It’s not one hour before reset. I’m eastern time at 10pm eastern time the strike towers that come out at 10am go away and for 12 hours you have different strike towers usually 1-2.

Last week they released an epic strike tower at 10pm and I didn’t know until I saw QueenRexy share a photo. I set my alarm early and had to go out and find it. I had already been put after 10pm and hadn’t seen it.

This 12 hours of a,b,c towers then the other 12 hours of x, y, z is just a HORRIBLE idea. I don’t know why Ludia thought it was a great idea and would balance the towers.

I suggested this which is a far better idea.

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I too have run out of bosts event today, Saturday without epic event and weekend without aroma event. In this order, the three most important things in this game. What is lost today is equivalent to 500 bills, the only important thing about this game, that is, more than I can collect playing this game for hours and hours during the week collecting bills of green and orange towers.

The most stupid thing of all is to have six towers of advantage with a negligible reward and whose information says that they will be there for two more days and 3 useless sanctuaries because neither I nor do I think anyone from my city has ever put a creature in a sanctuary, one of them just below my feet that prevents me from seeing and catching creatures during the 3 hours of the gigacapsule.

There are things that as much as you think about it can be understood and it is maddening.

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First towers appear at event reset time (10am your time, 4pm my local time). Those 12hours lasts till 4am my time (10 pm your time), when new 12h strike towers appear. What happened today? At 4am 3 step small tower didn’t appear for me. At 3pm my time common event dinos disappeared and suddenly i saw 5 3 step towers. One close enough that I could reach it on my walk. As it lasted till 4pm (10am), I had one hour to complete it.

Right now no blue tower in range (although I see one out of range) and 6 towers of “advanced counterattack” made yesterday and that will still be there 1 day and 19 hours more. What’s the point of this?

In the same range only a green tower …