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Is this battle bots?


I’m back down in the marshes again and just had 4 weird games in a row. Kinda regular dinos all at level 23 or 24. Baryonx, einiasuchus , nodopat, suchomimus, amargoceph, and after 2 kills, twice, constant switching between nodopat and something else. Same moves, same dinos, different player names but nothing comes up when I look at recent battles. Is this what happens when you get a bot, 4 times in a row?

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Sounds like it, yes.


Bots might have been reintroduced due to the recent banwave… less players means potentially longer ques. I didnt run into any bots so far but i could see them added in.

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They still have bots in arena 3, S.S. Arcadia. When I lose 2 in a row I get a bot of level 3 and 4 dino’s that swap after 2 take downs. So I never have more than a 2 game losing streak. It helps getting incubators at a regular rate on my 2nd account.

As far as my primary account, since the alliance missions started and I’m doing PvP again with that one, I haven’t run into any long loosing or winning streaks. I’m just kind of floating within 100 to 200 range.


How many battles did you lose in a row before this?


Also I love that show BattleBots