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Is this battle fair

Tell me is this pvp battle fair

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just based off this one photo, maybe. its a common raptor against an epic, an epic with tons of health and armor to go against the raptors high attack and little hp. Pretty sure carbo wins that fight, even if boosted I’m pretty sure that raptor has lost. And I can’t really tell if its a fair fight in general with the whole match or if its a complaint about that one raptor fight. It seems pretty fair to me, although idk what lvl creatures are in that arena but based on that screenshot seems like you would have won that fight so I may need a little more backround info on this. Was the whole team lvl 19-20s or just that one raptor? Was it nitro boosted?


It is just the level of the level of raptor

I mean, idk the level span in that arena but that seems like a fair fight to me considering that the raptors at a large disadvantage

considering carbo would come out on top in 99.9% of that scenario… yes.

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This is worse

:scream: omg

Trust me, I got that kind of battle today with boosted lvl 16+ epics in nublar jungle, I wiped the floor with them using a lvl 12 and 13 epic only

Check this out I instantly killed a stygimoloch instantly and this guy had a legendary hybrid image

@Spino2318 do you think my pics are super cool

the crit or whatever on the stygi is

The raptor looks like he’s about to faceplant and the nightfyru dog boi looks like he’s gonna fall in a portal made by Dr.Strange lol
Idk, just what my odd mind sees in these screenshots

its a higher level cuz raptors are easier to level, plus it loses too

i remeber i faced a bunch of level 30’s in normal arena at 3,500 trophies. that was horrible