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Is this bugged or *cheat*?

Lv.9 cleric has more hp than Lv.20
Even other classes

I’ve always thought it’s just because they level gear and not characters

But some of my characters are getting close to having maxed gear and I’m miles away from the hp of some that I’ve seen (of the same character), so I’ve been starting to wonder if some people have an hp hack

my cleric has maxed RAREs, EPICs (and 2 x L3 LEGs (helm, necklace))
in that situation

Assuming +50 hp per Lv, 550 hp should be more at 9 Lv’s

So, if stats are calculated server side and reported to the client, it is near impossible to cheat. If stats are calculated client side and reported to the server, it is incredibly easy to cheat. I would say that no game developer in their right mind would have the client report to the server, but with the last client side update they upped the stats on two of the characters which left me scratching my head. I can report from personal experience that the bards hp levels are beyond what is possible for a maxed bard. I would contact customer support with your suspicions.

this is my maxxed gear Lv.17 bard (L16 common, L12 rare, L8 epic gears)
Only 8 HP gauges

Has it ever been shown how accurate The bars actually are? There have been times when someone looked like what was a massive amount of hp and I took them down with a shot that wasn’t very powerful. Can’t you press on and hold a character to see what there actual max is? And if it’s your own your can just see it in the character profile

I’m trying to see the tool-tip, but unfortunately I haven’t met again

A dev in their right mind? That’s like finding a winged white horse with a single horn.

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