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Is this by glitch or design?

They have erlidom I have zorion in play. I use side step which dodges erlidoms strike and run. He runs to rat which I don’t dodge and die because of it and lose due to a twice swapped in rat

Seems Ludia counts 1 attack received as 1 turn here. So since side step only dodges for what they call 1 turn, it only dodged Erlidom’s strike and run.

Same happens with instant invincibility. It will eat the first attack, but a swap in attack will do full damage.

That’s stupid also is it now no longer a speed tied when both dinos have same speed and same level but different rarity? I’m getting fed up with this game today. Both level 22. And if off base stats isn’t proceras a higher base speed?

His erlidom was not running with a min speed boost and out right outsped me from the start

Unique > Epic. Or at least should be.

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Bummer okay thanks

1)It’s by design. There’s multiple other threads discussing this topic.
2)2 creatures with the same speed at the same level are only speed-tied if they’re of the same rarity. Higher rarity equals priority, if all other factors are shared.


Thanks for your insight!

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