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Is this common in Lockdown?


So I have been stuck between lockdown and swamps for ever, sometimes advancing above 3100, then dropping again. But now I don’t seem able to get back up. Been loosing 5-10 battles in a row. And then this (look at the pic). Is this what is required nowadays in lockdown!!! Sorry for the rant :wink: Screenshot_20190219-162950|236x500
What do I need to finally advance?
I currently have indominus and ankylodon lvl19, stegodeus, allosinodsaurus, postimetrodon lvl 18, alanqua 17
Any tips?



No tips, alas. I’ll leave line up advice to others. But I was in lockdown for months and went up 3 or 4 levels. It got so bad I ran myself all the way down to badlands twice. I’ve only been able to win a few in a row in the swamps this week. So you’re definitely not alone.


Thank you for your sympathy. I have read a bit through the forum, and discovered that obviously a lot of advanced players are deliberately dropping down to farm incubators. Very annoying, but hard to go up against such teams. If there is a way to exploit game mechanics, players will always find them…


That is a deliberate dropper scum.
I am at 4600-4850 trophies with lvl 21-22 dinosaurs with the average being lvl 24-25 at that area.

It’s at least Jurassic Ruins teams if not Lockwood Mannor

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Average team levels at certain arenas are definitely much higher than they used to be several months ago. All you can do is create the better dinos, keep leveling up, and really study battle strategies. Start working on getting tryo, monostego, tragod… they will help carry you much further.

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Badlands and lockdown used to be the fun arenas but these days its full of arena droppers and overleveled dinos. What can one expect in badlands/lockdown 17-20 miriaga, 17-20 trex and 15-18 sinos… yes overleveled sinos are now a thing in badlands i wouldnt level my sino past 15 even if i had thor and rinex at 30… id level utahsino and allosino and then still not level sino.

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Overleveling Sino is probably the biggest sin in the game. She’s THE rarest epic out in the wild.


Ankylosaurus says hi.

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That’s a upper ruins lower Lockwood team

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Honestly anky is the rarest… due to being a park spawn… and kentro is even rarer as far as l1 go. But yeah its just right now overleveled sinos are filling the gap that occupied by stegocera who is now much harder to make due to park spawns…

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I battled this team. They lost. Not in lockdown because they are droppers. Just in knockdown because of lack of skill.

To the OP

Take heart. The training you are enduring will build you into a much better player. And yes it hurts going against much higher levels it also teaches you how not to play them. How to play them. And how to beat them. So when you get higher you will be super ready.


Thank you for the encouragement! I find immense satisfaction in beating higher level opponents with skill instead of brute force. As I don’t spend money on the game I have also had the “not so good” Dino’s, and was probably the last person in my league to get Indominus, but I found that strategy gets you further than only high level legendaries