Is this enough for dominator league

If you are referring to your lineup, the answer is probably not.

Or at least not without a whole lot of grinding your top 6-10 creatures


good lineup but you will need to deepen your lineup to reach dominator

if i get a lot of db from CoT then i spam cooldowns will i be able to get into dominator?

also what type of lineup will be good for dominator? (Like what ferocity, dmg, health, etc)

There’s a thread to be a youtuber , check out sionsith’s channel named chris vail in youtube. He has a tournament and ferocity guide.

ok thanks :slight_smile: ill try after i see the tutorial bc my goal is to finish dominator in a tournament

Your lineup has a gap between Tapela and Pterodactylus, fill in that gap with Diplotator and some lv 40 legendaries

thanks :slight_smile: ill try to get that, any specific legendaries? I have level 40 ostafrikasaurus (just got it) and level 30 microposaurus.

The rest is the same, any other specific dinos i should get for dominator?

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I’d say Dimetrocarnus, Monostegotops and Tapelajocephalys. More lv 40 legendaries aswell

ok thanks. Just asking has there been an unlock for pyroraptor recently?

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It’s a forever locked creature. As I’m told there’s no unlock for it since the shuffle of battle stages.

should i buy like copies of it with db

I’d not buy copies with db unless i need just one more to max and unlock hybrid.