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Is this enough for lvl 20?


I didn‘t find the list of how much DNA per lvl you need…something of 500 plus but I feel like at one point these jumps will be larger like 1000+.

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Download jwa field guide :wink:


But no not even close

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Oh man that really demotivates me…:frowning:


If you want to unlock the unique hybrid, you need about 24000 more tarbo after lv20, that’s assuming you have average fusion luck, if you get a streak of 10s, you need over 30000 to be safe.


Oh man…but thanks, I see now it‘ll take more months till I can even think about fusing.


Well, after weeks of hunting Tarbosaurus and some few Sinos from last weeks and many many 10s I finally made it…

Fear the almighty Thor!


I found this a while back and been using it since.


This works way better


Where can I find that calculator, may I ask? I’ve been looking for that. :blush:


Jwa field guide


Thank you.:smile:


Yes, can be annoying.:grin:
Still fusing it. :grin:


If you have Discord, you can join Metahub’s Discord channel as well. They have many different channels for JWA that are extremely helpful, one of which is called ask-mr-dna. It’s a bot you can ask questions like the one you asked in your OP and it will give you the answer. You can look up the cost to level up based on how much dna you currently have and look up dinos in the dinodex. You can join by accepting the invitation, but I think you will have to create a Discord account if you don’t have one. The field guide app might be better until the 1.6 update though, because the bot doesn’t have any 1.5 dinos yet and the dinodex hasn’t been fully updated with the changes yet. They are going to sync it again with the 1.6 update.