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Is this even possible? Help


Im not saying his a cheater withouth any proof. But i need an insight. (FROM VETERANS) NOT from new players. Those who had play the game since BETA.


Yes, its possible. If you know what to foxus on and dont level what you dont need.

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I’m confused. Which part of this seems implausible?


To me it seams like they had to be in the right place at the right time all the time. Also they would need alot of money

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I’m as confused as @Poxinabox
This looks to me like a player ready to start working on 3 of the easiest to obtain Uniques?


Nothing too suspicious about that. :woman_shrugging:


This is my collection. Does it seem equally odd? Or was there something I’m not understanding?

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I might be wrong, but have to agree that it does seem a little off only because two sino absorbing legendaries with almost an equal zone 2 legendary. Players are much more educated now though and they focus on what makes sense long term. I wish I knew then what I know now that is for sure.


Its hard to tell anymore. They could be legit.


Could it be the level of the player? Wouldn’t the player be higher than 12?


If your only leveling what makes sense on your eng game team and not wasting coins and dna leveling stuff your gonna drop off your team eventually the team level seems fine… my kid has a full team of legendaries and is also level 12 and she did waste some coins leveling pointless stuff to start. But now she wont even level an epic unless she is ready to fuse said epic.


If a player has that high level Legendary,the player should be higher level unless,these happens
•Crazy fusion luck making you didn’t get as much EXP
•super good at darting especially on epics and Legendary


I’ve not had the game since beta, but they might just throw cash at the game…


I only got a similar level team when I was level 16. But it’s also true that I levelled many dinos that I didn’t need immediately which brought me a few levels up. It can be legit if it’s someone very methodical and efficient who makes the best of the events, have a generous alliance and/or spends money. That said, if he’s not VIP (as the image shows?) it’s unlikely that he/she spends money on incubators (nor get very high DNA counts at this level…) making a bit more unrealistic this line-up. Suspicious, at least.


I am not sure I understand your point with not getting same EXP with better fusion.
Is the EXP gained fixed(different for common/rare etc.) and awarded for each fuse or is it based on how much DNA get fused? Eg: X for a fuse of 10, 2X for a fuse of 20 and so on?
I always thought it was based on the no. of DNAs gained.


I have the formula at home, but the XP awarded on fusions is not affected by the amount of fusion dna you got rewarded. So in effect you gain 10x more XP out of 10 (10) fusions than you do 1 (100) fusion.


Ooo so your a parent?? Thats really nice!!!


Don’t see anything suspicious. We had several weeks with Sino as event dino. Others are mostly easy obtainable legendaries.

If he/she didn’t level most of it’s dinos to lvl 10, then lvl is normal.


Seems legit!