Is this even possible? Just curious


I’ve just reached level 13 and I’ll admit I’ve spent money on this game, not a ton but at least $50 a month. And I’m not even close to having any of these dinos! Is it possible for a level 12 to have this team without spoofing?


Very possible considering they start at level 16


I forgot about that. Dang I am jealous!


Aye, I’m a very basic player at level 10 (non-VIP) and just hatched my Indominus a few days ago ^^ (I’ve been playing since May, so it’s certainly the long-game!)


It’s very possible, I just found a screen of my team when I was level 12 :

  • Indominus 20
  • Velociraptor 20 (pre raptor nerf)
  • Pyroraptor 17 (same :sweat_smile: )
  • Stegoceratops 20
  • Gigaspikausaurus 17
  • Spinotasuchus 16
  • Stegodeus 20
  • Indoraptor 21

I play with VIP since level 9 if I remember correctly and about 5 hours a day in a big city with multiple biomes. I also buy all the one time offers as long as they are interesting.

Also remember that level barely means anything since it’s only based on fusing/evolving. For example in the last week I level up 2 times and can level up once more at any time.


I play in a small town with zero event drops and I can only play about an hour or so a day. That player earned that team but I’m still jealous lol


Don’t worry you will build your own too :slightly_smiling_face: you have some legendaries?


I just got my Indom & Stegodeus this week. But still feel like I’m struggling in the arenas.


It’s a good start these are two powerful legendaries :grinning: