Is this even possible?


As I wrote, shall this be possible??


how did you manage to have 2 incubators ? if I’ve missed something I’m gonna be gutted hahaha :+1:


O.o Well, that’s quite the glitch…unless they did something. Is that the 6th arena?


Yes it is! And I got also my first Indominus against! Not very funny…


Indominus Rex is glitched, cloak can fail in first turn now! Have experienced that two times! Cloak don’t activate, no camouflage!


I don’t have an I Rex but I’ve been up against it about 3 times and took it out before it’s got a hit against me. It’s cloak thing is crap.


50% chance of dodge :grin:


How did you manage to open two incubators at once?


Beaten IRex 70% of the time.
It Cloaks I got 2 moves.
Bye! Bye!


The ones that irritates - Koolasuchus (Epic) and Nodopatosaurus (Epic). Both are serious pain if you encounter them at very high levels.