Is this game from Universal or Disney?


Spending the week in Orlando. On Wednesday there were 10 green strike event spinners in the Disney Magic Kingdom. On Saturday there was 1 green spinner at Universal Studios and 1 or 2 at Islands of Adventure. Sunday there were ZERO green spinners at Universal Studios and just a couple in Islands of Adventure. Shouldn’t you be able to play Jurassic World Alive when you are literally visiting Jurassic Park? Heck, there should be an exclusive dinosaur at the Universal Parks. It doesn’t have to be a good one. Going back to a Disney Park so I can play Jurassic World Alive.


The green stops seem almost completely random now. Bonus being you don’t need to be in a park anymore to find them.


JP/JW are trademarks of Universal. Disney doesn’t own the franchise.


This game uses the POI (Points Of Interest) markers on Google maps to determine green zones and drop/spawn points.


Plus, compared with the Disney parks, Universal does only a fraction of the business Disney does with their parks. So maybe they don’t have a POI on Google Maps.


the game is made by ludia. i’m assuming they buy the rights from universal to be able to make it.


Agreed. But they ought to make an exception to the random placement and put in some green spinners when you are literally in Jurassic Park. Missed opportunity to promote the franchise.


i saw fallen kingdom at the universal studios in hollywood and there wasn’t really anything there either.