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Is this game just too tedious and boring now?

Honestly, what are your thoughts on this? The arena is just same old boosted crap everywhere - fighting is like the movie Groundhog Day, or a permanent case of deja vú.

“Didn’t I just have this battle?”

Have things gone too far? Is it possible to make the game exciting and challenging again? or, let me rephrase that -

Will Ludia do what it takes to make the game exciting and challenging again?

What would that be for you? For me that would be many, many more single player battle options like the campaigns.

Or the biggest pipe dream of all - a boost free arena. Oh how much fun that would be.


The game has become pretty unfun for me. The only things keeping me playing is collecting the dinosaurs I don’t have (which is a lot) and the Strike Towers. (they replace the arena for me).


The arena has become too much of a chore to do. IT was fun in the beginning, but i barely battle there at all now days. I’m only still playing because i want to complete my dinodex.


I completed my dex last weekend and hang in there for my alliance mostly these days. I want to get things set with sanctuaries and still enjoy helping build the teams of lower level players. The arena, meh, new high score meh, ever since boosts were integrated the fun dissipated. The work out weighs the fun most days, but I have a really high reserve apparently :wink: Things will get better with the next release lol!


I agree that more single player options would be nice. The campaign was fun, but once you’ve run through it once, there’s little reason to go back.

The “no boost arena” is something I’m wishing for as well, but know it won’t happen. I feel that all it really did was give the players the opportunity to override any semblance of balance the creators gave to the game in the first place. If they did remove boosts from the game, maybe something like this would be interesting:

I’ve seen people request new skins for creatures here on the forum. Maybe have new campaign missions or special events where we can work towards unlocking new skins, and those skins could have certain set effects tied to them that could alter stats? Or maybe certain skins could have an additional move or type of immunity? You could even have skins of different rarities, where the most rare could be a combination of the two.

With this, it would add an element of customization to the game, but wouldn’t be able to be exploited the way boosts have been. You would have to decide which skin has the best advantage for your play style.

I’m no game developer though, so take this with a grain of salt.

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Get rid of boosted AI in the arena. Better strike towers. Relaunch campaign every month. Maybe not with crazy rewards like the first but something that will make it relevant. Sell FIPs in the store. I’d pay for that
more than I would boosts. Daily missions need a rework as well. Give us an update that fixes the multitude of bugs. Just focus on that. You l don’t even have to roll out anything new just fix the bugs.


I’m just trying to complete my dinodex right now and only will battle for DBI’s if I need it for the daily and the daily creature to build what I don’t have yet.

I’m a creature of habit. This game is so deeply embedded in my routine that even if I wasn’t enjoying it anymore, I’d still keep going.
With that said… I’m still enjoying it lol.
Completed my dinodex during Nasuto week. Now I’m just kinda trolling around the Arena with an unboosted team, occasionally strapping on my real one.


4vs4, 5vs5; Multiplayer team up battle; boosts free arena no trophies awarded; boost hunting mode; official design contest… I can list new ideas all day if only ludy can pick one


what would boost hunting mode entail? Kinda interested.
the team up battle sounds fun as well.

Definitely more of a chore now vs. fun. A game shouldn’t want you to smash your phone against the wall but that’s what boosts have done to ruin the ‘fun aspect’ of the game.

I’ve been playing since the beginning and didn’t mind when I got my butt kicked by higher level players/Dinos. Sure RNG was annoying but at least same odds. Boosts have completely upended that sense of grinding and getting a better team to compete with. Now it’s same old crap in the arena with overboosted Dracos, lower level players and Dinos that boosted their Dinos above the player level they should be and so on.

Now instead of feeling like the better player won and I should go out and grind some more to level up, I have a sense this won’t get better, will only get worse with boosts and the good old days of fun, fair and strategic arena play are a thing of the past…


You’re also confusing people with surprise matches. :laughing:

@Tuco Arena has gotten a tad boring for me, with the exception of when I run into someone dropping from beach. nudge@Ardensnudge.

I run into a few interesting matches, but for the most part, most unique thing I see in library is my own team.

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Thats about where im at atm.

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I play a lot still. I hope I provide a surprise in each match I play. I never wanted to be that player that just has all the boost power over another or ratting the next player. I don’t want to follow a trend either. I always want to surprise a player. I think I do that, having no boosts. Someone has let me win before because I had no boosts. They actually could of ratted me for the win but I can tell they thought about it and didn’t do it. I forget who it was but yeah…

And its not just about being unboosted, though that adds to the thrill. I spy on everyone’s boost stats and sit back. Now how can I overcome this? The game is not stale for me I play a lot. I’m worn out from the carbotops pursuit though. I play arena more than I did in the last two updates. I felt the boost sale and boost strike effects today, dinos started having more boosts today.

I just be myself in the game too, like I don’t want to be the well recognized player who kills everyone nor do I want to be the player ratting you. I really don’t care! I always think after a match, I hope they had fun. Except when they rat me the entire match and use procerats. Then I hope I kill all there dinos to teach them a lesson about all maxxed boosts.

But if you face me I hope you have fun maybe get a win out of me but you will see I have no boosts applied. And trust me I have a good pile of them lol.

Just have fun, don’t take so serious. I’m not even against boosts all the way like that. Its just I find my fun this way. Too many players just want to be the top all maxxed boosted player and get quick wins. I suppose in my shadows I’m having fun actually.


How do you see that?

Thats from my game launcher its a samsung app

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Boost free arena is the same thing as normal arena. Same 20 dinos, same problems and same annoyances.

The weekly tournament is a boost free arena and I find it as bad if not worse than normal arena. If Ludia wants to make the game fun, relegate arena to a small part of the game and make exploration and PvAI more important. Make campaign replays count for alliance mission battles and takedowns.

Also do not make any new features and fix the bugs. Allow AI battles from the start instead of having to wait 30s or 2 mins (for Nublar Shores). No one wants to wait for battles every time they go arena. Some.want quick battles to clear whatever missions there are. AI actually is more fun than PVP since it actually plays with a varied deck due to unlimited boosts.


My dinodex is done. I used to really like boosts, they are a joke to me now. Combine that with the LOL DNA they make as a reward for seasons and I dont see a point to even care about battles anymore. It is just a slog to get my daily done and then I toss a few matches while making dinner so I can win a few easy ones later. I honestly dont mean to bad mouth Ludia or disrespect developers but they have made so many bad turns in the progress of this game I cant comprehend the management. The boost revamp after revamp took so many resources away from fixing bugs and creating new content that the game has become stale popcorn. I have my alliance and shooting dinos while I drive chills my road rage but I am really bored. Really bored.


You are bored playing in vanilla land? Wait till you reach Nublar Shores. That is where the true meaning of boredom is. 10 minutes you get maybe 3 battles. Most of your battle time is waiting for something to happen. Actual battles are less than half the arena experience. The other half is watching a loading screen.

Ludia makes bad decisions when faced with problems. People grinding boosts, increase the battle timer to 120s for Nublar Shores and “forget” to push it down to Gyro Depot. So if you have no pride or time, you stay at 5.9k trophies and gatekeep those going to.Shores. Easy wins, lots of boosts and less time wasted.

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Fighting has gotten to the point sometimes that when I start a battle and it looks mismatched I just close the app.
Then the Rats and IRg2s that make me wish I had a counter attack that dumped 500 trophies on them. Then you have players that keep trying to use all the ceRatops like a mini rat force. It never works out for them but I have to fight a wash cycle with a different wash cycle and that gets boring.

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