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Is This Game Manipulated?


After about 9 months playing, now I’m pretty sure. We are not playing what Ludia say we are.

All stuff are manipulated. Not manually (but maybe)… but i mean automated.

Why so many people arguing their cloak/dodge fails 90% of time, or critical seems to be 99% at some arenas or dinos, or dna fuse seems to get 10 everytime?

This is all manipulated. It’s not about broken random generators. It’s clear there are more logic rules than expected. Ludia has control of all you guys playing, what dinos are choosen, who is making good strategies, who’s desperated to some DNA, who pay for coins, who needs to be pushed or pulled, etc.

There are no logic answer for many situations. How about winning 10 battles with nice dinos “randomly” choosen from your team, getting your dodge/cloak or critic working as expected, or givin’ you more than you expected from luck… and suddenly start to loose EVERY battle for monster players with 99% stun chances, 3 critical hits in a row, and your dodge/cloak never works again?

How about face easy opponents one by one and suddenly face so much higher level one by one throwing your wins to trash like you are now a baby battling against monsters?

Let’s take a look at some things:

  • Random dinos choosen. Really?
  • Trophies match system for battles. HAHAHAHAHA! No comment here.
  • 50% chances of cloak/dodge. Why? Mmmmmmm…
  • XX% critical chances. Let’s be honest here, you have NO control about this, but Ludia has.
  • “Random” incubator DNA. Ok, now I have 5 years old and I really believe this is random, specially incubator is one of most important system for profits. I am at Jurassic Ruins, why incubators keep giving me billions of purusaurus, arambourgiania or nundasuchus dna?
  • FUSE: c’mon, I don’t have to say anything here… manipulate this, according to user data analysis is nice to make you spend coins and get desperate for dna, incubator, money…
  • 75% chances of stun. Well, I have to say: I don’t remember how many days ago a stun didn’t work. If it’s not 99% I can say it’s another great feature to manipulate well too.

As I said before: random is necessary, but THIS MUCH I only believe is for manipulate the game and get to 6th most profitable game in store.

I won’t say about how great is for game manipulating, if you have the option to use bots for making player loose or win according to some criteria. I’ll let you use your imagination.

Pitty… could be a great and long lasting game. :confused:


Im not gonna address most of your posts… i agree with some things some not so much. I said long ago when playing this game it feels like their are algorithms in place that sometimes get in the way of the gameplay. Any free to play title has to walk a fine line where the need to monetize is priority at the expense of gameplay. This game isnt the worst nor is it what id call good in those regards.

Incubators is one thats kinda wierd… people assume their random. But they work more like a loot crate… its not pure random incubators have loot tables and some dinos have a much higher chance to come up then others. You only got to take a look at their “pack” in jwa the game to see they carried over the premises just without giving us the odds like they do in jwa the game. 70 dollar card back for a 6% chance at the dino on the front of the pack really sound that much different then those premium incubators that supposedly had irritator in them.

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Yes that’s what I think actually. By having so-called random effects, they can easily control the behavior and progress of players. I personally don’t put any money in games like this (centered on grinding and lottery) because of this reason.


Especially the battle inc. is dramatic. I received a trillion 3h battle incubators, half a trillion 8 h incs two 12 h and 1 24 h inc in all in one arena. Just about every creature came out of them except the ones mentioned to actually be in the incubators. The epics were all from lower arenas and the rare came from both higher and lower arenas (but always way too little to actually do something for my pack). Why bother mentioning those creatures per arena to begin with? Just leave it blank and we’ll just see what comes out. This is the reality anyway…


I didn’t read all points, and basically skimmed the post, but I agree totally.

I often face the same team (different player) next battle, it’s like deja vu.

You can tell when your cloak/evasive and your opponent’s is going to work/not work just by which way the “luck” is running for you. You can actually somewhat control the battle this way by knowing what moves are going to fail or work. Usually, you know the outcome of your “luck” just by which creatures the game has chosen for you, and what team you are facing.

Yes, I do not believe it’s an RNG, I believe it’s programmed a lot more devious than that. I’ve had the same suspicions for some time now.

The other night, I knew my “luck” was at a high point. I was down 2-0 and pulled out Thor. He one shotted every creature and I won.

It goes both ways, one to keep us hooked (win streak), the other to make us spend $$$ (losing streak).
It’s a controlled situation, not random numbers deciding the outcome.
True RNG wouldn’t be in the obvious waves of “luck” that occur.


I’ve often thought things like this before too, but then I also think - if they were that good at programming, there wouldn’t be all the little glitches that have been around since day 1, or when they fix one thing, 3 more go wrong…


Have you ever worked on a project like this?

There’s the “A” team developers, the Rock Stars that do the initial code. They are often fast and loose, but brilliant. Bugs? We can fix them later. They’d program the RNG, “Luck”, waves, whatever you wanna call it.

They develop the game, get moved onto the next development project.

Team “B” comes in and takes over.

They aren’t Rock Stars. They get to try and clean up the mess the Rock Stars left behind, when they got the raises and glory. Team “B” isn’t as familiar with the code style that team “A” used, probably not written as cleanly as they would have made it.

It’s a mess trying to clean up someone else’ code, you’re often better off starting fresh. Obviously, you can’t do that with a game in released state.


If cloak/dodge fails 90% of the time, then it means it succeeds 90% of the time from your opponents point of view.

Your argument just failed.


I think it is reckless to try to elude that Ludia is purposely trying to advance some players and not others based on directed algorithms. It’s not so black and white. Others have started to hit on it in these posts, but after doing lots of research with my alliance I really am beginning to find it isn’t a pure black and white RNG system where everything is random. There does seem to be some structure and definitely some more meat to their algorithms than just a simple RNG roll of the dice.

This does not mean that there is a team of evil Ludia people rigging the system real time so that people lose or win. If that were true… Ludia would be wasting a bunch of money hiring people to do that it doesn’t seem logical.

If you are a classic gamer you know all games have patterns and some are more complex than others. This game is very complex and if you just mull around in it trying to wait for instant gratification you wont find it. It takes grinding and research to figure out how they’ve coded it.


exactly. read my post again. :wink:

well, guys. its too much “random”. this much is excellent for players have no control (but think they have) and ludia has.

its 6th most profitable. forget if you think logic behind is to keep you in control, or just las vegas random. its to make money.

there are not only programmers in a company.



Honestly, the answer is really simple. Humans, as a species, remember negative outcomes more than they do positive ones. It has been scientifically proven that the pain of losing $50 is greater than the joy of winning $50.

People complain that their cloak doesn’t work 90% of the time or that their opponents hit crit too often because they assume cloak should work every time and their opponent should never land a crit. That is flawed thinking from the start.

When cloak doesn’t work, their opponent does land a crit, or stun doesn’t work, they remember it more than when it works in their favor. There is nothing wrong with the percentages. The problem is with player’s recollection of how often things worked exactly as expected.

You are statistically most likely to fuse a 10. If you do a fuse thinking you will get anything else, you are kidding yourself. Over the lifetime of ALL your fuses, you will average around 20-22.

Ludia is not going to open themselves up to a massive lawsuit but publishing incorrect percentages. If you start tracking your stuns/dodges/crits over hundreds of thousands of attacks, you will find things happen a lot closer to what math says they should and a lot less how you remember them happening.

But it isn’t your fault. Like I said, you remember the pain from when something didn’t go your way a lot more than you remember the times you landed a 5% crit through your opponent’s cloak for the win.


The luck waves are real. That is manipulation via code. True RNG wouldn’t run with such drastic and predictable waves.

Crit/dodge percentage, sure I believe it’s accurate across the entire game platform. What happens is that crits land when not needed, so they are discounted/not remembered by players.

Your post only answered one small part of OP’s message, it doesn’t address the entire subject.


A cloak failing 90% doesn’t imply the opponent’s succeeds 90%. This is because you are battling different people each time. Let’s say you had 10 battles
Your cloak failed 9 times. And each person who battled you had their cloak work once for them. And the time it worked was when they battled you. Their cloak failed for the other 9 people they battled.

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Its all about rng it all balances out you get a run of good fuses and then thr 10s you get a run of dodges or not you either get realy good dna or realy bad dna or crit or no crit its all about the rng


@Poke_Fodder First of all congratulations for your videos.
Things are like you have posted,eventually the RNG will be balanced in time for everyone.
But the problem for me is that I want to win when i deserve it and lose when i don’t.I don’t want RNG to steal my opponent’s well deserved victory and handed it to me and the other way around.

The game should be : 50% Dino levels - 35% Tactics/Strategy - 15% RNG


Yes the game is manipulated to favor Ludia. The game was created to make a profit just like gambling casinos and Yes the game is rigged in their favor. Jurassic World Alive app has a Clear disclaimer about “Fair Gameplay” yet they do nothing to stop cheating. The only way this game will change is by individual players that have spent money on the game to file a civil suit which will cause Ludia to resolve said issues.

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That’s a pretty far out theory, my dude.
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Aaaaaand this whole topic gets hidden
You thought you could talk about Ludia right under their noses like this? PFFFT :rofl:


Here is an issue with the game see player level and battle team look at the arena they are in and trophy count … either they are purposely dropping to make them selves feel big and grandiose by beating ups lower level players or they really don’t know how to play the Dino’s they’ve obviously bought