Is this game worth continued play?

I’ve had this game for a few hours now.
It keeps overheating my phone. Doing alot of unneccesary stuff it is.

I’ve already come across the wall of, if you don’t spend money you’ll never be able to progress far in a timely manor.

The rewards from the challenge mode suck. It doesn’t get you any gold.

It forces you to spend your gold on all of the party, do you can have a chance in arena mode.

Arena mode’s initiative system is extremely unbalanced.

The creators got the theme of D&D down but not the spirit of it.


THANK you for expressing what we were explaining since october last year… after 1-3 hours of play you get to that MASSIVE paywall and can’t progress any further, or very VERY slowly.

I personnally got only 1 level on my level 14 healer since october 2018.
I don’t play that much, but at least to get quests done. Still prior to the Gold and glory update, with my kind of play style, it was taking 2-3 weeks for a level. Not 8 months.

Welcome to the GRIND!


Indeed. This game is going to go very slowly with so much repitition of the same area that you will get stuck in, without spending real money.
The rewards are a fraction of the required in-game currency or xp needed to level equipment, let alone your characters. Not unless you plan on spending several months of logging in every day for several hours straight. And the VIP status is kind of a joke (as of this late May of '19 post), as it rarely comes up at all in gameplay rewards.
Not trying to bash the game, as it’s visually great, but it’s got so many flaws still.

:+1: стоит продолжить

Translated from, Russian.

:+1: should continue

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This game is definitely not worth continuing and I’m doing my best to make sure people know about the paywall and other issues!

Make sure you leave a review and explain the issues. I feel like Support doesn’t care, but maybe if enough people complain and drop out they’ll do something!

By all accounts once you get past the 4 to 6 wall you get going a bit again to hit a worse wall 8 to 9.

Currently not even close to being worthwhile to play past about 3 hours. I am betting about 30 minutes a day that they will eventually fix it. Not sure how long I will keep that up but that’s my current plan.

for me it’ll depend on what else is added to the game, more game modes, guilds/clans/alliances, more characters to work towards unlocking, etc

the gold and slow grind are detractors, but also common enough in a lot of mobile games, so at this point it is what it is.

this game is fun enough that if it keeps adding more features I’d stick with it.

No, not worth it at all. For all the reasons mentioned above. It’s Pay to Play of the worst kind, because even if you pay, you barely get to play, it doesn’t improve progression speed enough to really matter. I’m keeping it on my mobile for now hoping the devs will turn it around and make it playable, but my hope for that ia dwindling with each passing day.

Also gotta love how Support chimed into translate some Russian, and that’s about it. Been playing since official launch and that’d the first time I’ve seen hide or hair of a staff member here. They don’t seem to engage with or acknowledge the players at all.