Is this happening to anyone else?

So, before update 1.7, I always got several wild Dinos spawning in my home’s range every day, but now, I have seen ZERO wild Dinos, I’m serious ZERO Dinos spawning at my house, it’s been like that since the update. Not even suchomimus (my local Dino) appears in range.The only way they ever spawn is with a scent. :cry:

Oh, but the area of 151 meters (just outside my range) has like 7 supply/event drops and many dinosaurs…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I know we have to go out and play, but, really, removing all dinos from my home is too much…maybe it’s because I don’t spend money ? Or a bug? Someone else experience it?

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i get the wild regular spawns but the random epic spawns are a 0. sucks… are you also not getting supply depots? try clearing your games cache.


My house, since the update, not a single dinosaur appears in it, I’m serious

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No, that’s fine, I mean when I arrive home and stop moving, noting spawns, before the update I would get at least 3 or 4 dinosaurs at home each day

try clearing your cache then reopen the game

this might need it’s own thread, but i dont even know what zone i am. i swear i get regular spawns from 3 different zones. even if i let off scents i get a mix of dinos. no idea what my zone due to it lol

Looks like you live in Mega City One

Hey there, @Blue1, I’m really not certain why you aren’t seeing any dinos near you, but our support team would be glad to take a closer look at your account and provide additional troubleshooting steps! Reach out to them at, and if you can remember to include your support key in your original email you’d really be helping us out.

Supply drops and Dino spawns have been moving around on my map. There used to be a mechanic nest spawn behind me, it’s gone. Used to be a drop across the street that regular spawned Dino’s under it, it’s gone too. Other drops and spawn points have appeared tho. It seems to me that every couple of weeks things just change a little bit. But I agree, this didn’t happen much if at all before 1.7