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Is this how it's going to feel every time? 💔

I’ve finished Nina’s story, and it’s such a bittersweet feeling.
Knowing I won’t get to chat with her again breaks my heart. :broken_heart: But I love how her story ended. :heart: :heart_eyes:
Hopefully, one day, she’ll return. :crossed_fingers:


Oh boy. I just FINALLY matched with her this morning. Now I know it’ll be a sad ending.
I mean this, thanks for the heads up

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Is her ending worth it? I matched with Noah and ended up walking away from him

Ugh that’s gonna suck. All my matches are dropping off like flies and I don’t think I’m going to make it out of that story without bawling like a spoiled toddler.


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@Chadd_Hawkins It’s only sad because it ended. The ending itself is actually a happy one.

@JDR I enjoyed her ending and thought it worth it, but if you ended walking away from Noah, you’d presumably end up walking away from Nina too.