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Is this how your do it

Is this the best way to layout my park?.

@Sionsith has a video on this I believe.
I was making ok level of coins so I made a long row of connected Carnivore/Amphibians and a long row of connected Herbivores/Pterosaurs. I put 3 rows of JH statues between them. Make sure the Carnivore/Amphibian paddocks are off by one square with the JH statues so more will hit each paddock.

JH statues aren’t cheap, so it took me several days of buying and upgrading statues, but I think I’m pretty set now. I just need to get more dinos to raise their coin production. I think you can get 392% with 3 rows of JH statues on both sides. My percentages are different because my collection tower and clocktowers.


why you dont buy something with 10%

If you’re talking to me it’s because JH statues have more reach so even though it’s only 7%, it reaches twice as far as the Oasis statues. That again means I can have 3 rows instead of only 2.

I wish I could do that, I sadly cannot. purchase so many decorations with my current coin production.

It’s crazy what you can do trading. A week or so ago I had 3 JH statues, now I have over 200.


I see you have been trading coin for food at a 2:1 ratio and then trading by food to coin at a 1:4 ratio to gain more coins I believe? I am not patient with my food,and my dinos have appetites of goblins.

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I like to make coin traps instead of the double line method.
I will probably do the double line method some point though.

I do this too as I rely on two producers. One day when it spreads out, I’ll change.

You could do the middle line with Oasis decorations, however I am not sure they will touch enough paddocks to offset the lower reach, might be able to strategically place them along the line where they will hit at least 6 paddocks which should make the additional boost outweigh the reach disadvantage.

Park Oasis is 10% boost
John Hammond is 7% boost
So if a JH reaches 6 paddocks at 42% you need to touch 5 paddocks to come out ahead with the park Oasis if you only touch 4 you fall behind.


Thanks, I added a few. I wasn’t able to add many to the 4x4 paddocks because the JH statues just reached so many. It worked better on the 5x5s when the decoration was right in the middle. It hit the same 6 paddocks as the JH statues (went from 42% to 60%).


I am not VIP and hence lack Clock Towers,so I cannot build as efficient coin traps,but I can build a good Coin trap.

Even though you can’t get them in trade harbor and stuff, you can get them when they are being offered for 4K LPs each in the shop.


I have 2 clock towers from those,if I max my Alangasaurus Paddock right now,I will only obtain 954000 coins every 30 minutes. I have yet to boost my Alangasaurus Paddock further,now LP is a very premium resource,so it will take me a while.