Is this just a visual glitch


The last incubator on the right I just won! And in fact that put me over 4200 I just clicked on it and indeed it is a 3 hour incubator! It looks like the one next to it that I just activated and it is a 12 hour


It’s a visual glitch, when you reload the game it changes back.


Ah ha ha ha! You are correct! I got all excited and thought I won 2 12 hour in a row!

I actually pay more attention to the appearance of the incubators when I win them


Lol yeah game trolled me too, I once got two 24 hour incubators.


Wow you were trolled worse than me!

I think the only thing worse would be if it showed one of the green ones!


@Rolybert Sometimes it shows me the legendary incubators as the three hour ones.


I got these 2 incubators one after another, I’m willing to spend bucks on at least one of them, they both say 12 hour but as you can see one of them is actually the 3 hour one. Should I just wait them outScreenshot_20180822-102247


@Notsoinsnotsoinstinct Yeah wait them out, they usually have trash in them.