Is this new?


When an event is complete you no longer can collect from the green drops.


The green ones changed still supply drop. I can still collect on ones near me. Press I on them


After the event has completed and you used all your attempts?


I had finished all my flyers and all that kept coming up was event completed


I did not use all attempts on the event ending. Nearer to completing the flyer to be honest. Those commons are everywhere.


Sounds like an evil bug. As they have separate allowances. You are losing coins :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Perhaps it was a bugged drop! I ran into one of those before

Not a big deal lots more to choose from if I want to venture out into the humidaheat


It’s not a bug! If you reached your dinosaur limit the green drops are no longer giving goodies!

At least with the flying ones!