Is this normal?


Was it always so many raptors to make? I wish I didn’t have a job I can’t really go out at night =(


I see a lot of raptors during the day, maybe you should get out there and see if you can nab a few :+1:


I never see any during the day here. One once in a while


Raptors are specifically dusk/dawn/night spawns with the highest appearance rate being at night. And to answer your other question. Yes indoraptor has always required 2000 DNA per fuse. When I created him 200 out of the 250 were single 10 and procs. In other words I had to farm 44,000 raptor DNA to create my indoraptor.


Wow! That is crazy amount of raptors! Lol


Haha, that means that i will have to farm raptors 44 nights with the same luck of finding them 3 weeks back. Then I managed to collect 1000 raptor dna during a 2 hour night walk. And that will not be possible for a loooong while as vacation is over and my son has school. So I will probably be looking at 1-2 years of hunting :worried::scream:. Will I play the game that long?! Most likely not. Fun for all those that were able to get the indo :rage:.

And that’s just the indo… Say no more…


I know sucks. I’ll try on a day off to go out at night. But it’s only 2 days a week lol