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Is this objective new?

I just noticed this and don’t remember seeing it before.

… unfortunately, it is.

On the bright side…this is a wonderful opportunity to get rid of those piercing bite mods. Haha.

When I don’t have time to play the daily battle missions I choose my 3 worst dinos and I just let the clock run down while I do something more productive.

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Oh dear. On my other account where I can’t afford to buy mods.

And in a surprising turn of events, DB are essentially no longer rewards for completing the daily tasks.


Rainy days are upon us, folks. For those who saved up, glad you did. :no_mouth:


So I actually didn’t even get a pack for finishing today… I also don’t have any of the new challenges, and only had seven objectives. Now it says the usual “new objectives in hh:mm…”

I always said Ludia would start dialing DBs back even further once they felt the initial outrage over the changes died down. We’ve seen the prize wheels getting stingier with DB rewards, the TH, now the daily missions. It’s the frog in the blender syndrome.

Mine were messed up for a while this morning but fixed after a restart.

At one point we had nine PVP’s to do a day for the daily missions.