Is This OK For A Top 10 Most Profitable Game With Almost 2 Years?

1.12 version friendly battle…

final part is a second video recorded after jwa restart, joined.

when we talk about bug fixes, we are talking about serious bugs like this, not a minor one.

your players/customers need some respect.


They really need to prioritise fixing bugs that affect players, profitable bugs have gotten enough priority, gotta give players a chance now.

So funny, but not actually. Did a friendly battle just like this tonight. It never brought me in. Had to quit game and come back in. Was one dino down by that point.So many bugs in his game that they refuse to address…


and performance is going to hell too…

if i spend 1 hour playing, 30 mins is not playing, just waiting loadins screens, drone/battle return screens, animations, connections, etc.