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Is this OK?

I fought an Indominus Rex in Mount Sibo arena.
Is this normal? I am not sure if level 5 to 10 players have creatures like Indom.


They do if they buy one!

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You can do that?

I unlocked I rex in the bad land arena so I don’t know before update 2.0 came out and my data on my account got corrupted I did went against I rex in the Mt Sibo arena

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If there is an I rex incubator or an legendary hybrid incubator you can get an I rex

Oh yes there is!

Yea I had that back when I was down there. But I only saw 1 at the VERY top of the arena.

Sees a lvl 27 boosted Thor in Jurassic ruins

This is fine for ruins


This is available in the store today …

Why does everyone like you have a woolly rhino on the team why

That ain’t me. That is what I faced in ruins

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But still why

4 words: Swap in Stunning Strike

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i got i rex n mt sibo only

I didn’t have legendaries until ss Arcadia , might just be a low level dropper or just didn’t play pvp for a while and got insane dinos

Because this is why :roll_eyes: