Is this Phone AR Capable? I can't tell


My phone is a samsung galaxy s7 g930v running 6.01 .The last digit is a 0 but the model number ends with a letter ‘v’…does that mean I can’t do Augmented reality?

Will be really bummed if I can’t get it = (

Thank you


Your is Ar capable but you need to be running android 7.0+ once you update to the latest os go to Google play and look for tangocore and arcore once you have them both on your phone you can now use ar


I’m still waiting for it to support j7 perx


Hey there, ILoveDinos, I imagine that it must be pretty frustrating to not be able to experience our game’s AR feature. We do have a list of supported devices, which can be found at, but you can also try to contact our support team at and they can let you know if your device is supported and even provide troubleshooting assistance if need be.