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Is this possible of getting 48 million dna in 4.5 years

Dont mention any other youtubers name for hacking this game!!!
I found this on discord, the person that upload this picture on discord said that he has been selling dinos and trading dinos for dna.

Is there a discord for JWTG? I have searched for one but never found any

That’s a lot of DNA, but I guess it’s possible. I’ve been playing competitively for a little over a year and I have over a million DNA. I know that’s nowhere close to 48 million, but if he’s not buying dinos, DNA can go up fast.

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Nope, totally impossible, here’s why

If I do a lot of events and tons of events and battles and pvp and sell all of the dinos I won in pvp, with that I can make 70k a week, so at best 300,000 dna in a month.

-300,000 dna in a month it’s 3,600,000 dna in a year
-3,600,000 dna in a year it’s 18,000,000 dna in 5 years assuming you don’t buy anything.

So having almost 3 times that amount would be like making 200,000 dna IN A WEEK for 5 consecutive years without spending a single dna unit, and I would bet the player have strong dinos, so definitely a cheater.

And some people will say “maybe he pays money in the game for packs” well I don’t know but 54,000,000 dna might cost you the same as a real Ferrari haha

At most you can make one third of that amount of you are a hardcore player


Nah, either a cheater or he got the 99M DNA bug, those are the only ways I can see someone having that insane amount.


You’re probably right.


With that amount of DBux too, def a cheater. Most I’ve reached was 200k, so this dude would have to save EVERY dbux given to him, so I say nope he’s a cheater.

Same goes for VIP points.


Although this guy is obviously a cheater, it is possible to reach that amount of DB. There’s one guy in the Facebook group that also has 600k DB just by saving as much as possible and playing every day, and he’s no hacker at all.

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Also look at how much bucks he has

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Also them spending irl money to buy bucks is unlikely

Because no sane person will spend lots of money in a game to get resources and NOT spend them, that’s like buying a very expensive tv and never watching anything on it. You will only buy bucks if you have something to spend it on.
So probably a hacker


He has indoraptor level 40 at that park level


Hmm thats logical

At park level 73 it is highly suspect. If they played that much to get that much of those resources they would have to be over park lvl 73. On D2’s game I don’t play it all that much and just trade decorations for the most part and her game has gone from around lvl 50 to 80 in just a few months.


Yeah the low level is very sus indeed, he would have had to stop doing daily missions and code 19 which is also a good source of DNA so having that much dna is impossible


I think this guy got the dna glitch because no other resources look that high!!

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by the way the person said he rarely play this game, so its like he has work to do and he cant play this game everyday

And is it possible to get 650k bucks?

I think its not possible

And there are no 99 million bucks glitches

Only potential possibility is DNA glitch and trading DNA away for everything. Even still I’m not sure that would work.