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Is this possible?


I’ve fought this guy a couple times now. How exactly does he have 17 blue and indoraptor with only lvl 17 indominus? Supposedly isn’t a bot.


Some other thread on this forum mentioned there’s some spoofer can ignore event attempt limit, and got extra DNA from event dinos.
This might be an evidence.


Perhaps they spend money on incubators.


That weekly showcase possibly give you Indoraptor DNA only given 3 attempts, also event attempt limit is 1.
I’m afraid it will be very hard to create a 250 DNA creature from these sources.


Didn’t even think about the Indoraptor - good point.

For some reason when I read the OP I only saw Blue and Indominus Rex mentioned. Have reread it and seen Indoraptor mentioned as well now, thanks.


anyone here actually get indoraptor dna from those event incubators? curious how much you got if so.