Is this possible

I’m level 13 and went up against this, I won but the question is… is this team really achievable at level 19 ?? Also why am I playing against them and I’m level 13

where’s the picture, bud?

How do I upload it? It’s not letting me

It’s up. Not trying to wine but I’ve never played anyone with this many uniques .

My line up

The mathematics they use to determine matchmaking is really messed up right now. It’s awful that you have to face teams like that, with a team of your strengths no offense. Nothing we can do about it until the Developers come to their senses.


That is very possible. We had an event with 5 attempts to dart a unique. The shop keeps periodically selling unlock a legendary incubators which give a quick 200 dna of that type in addition to the other types.

Throw in the fact that when they face players using weird stuff like bleed or a level 26 diplotator boosted to tier 5 all across they lose and get kicked down to face you.