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Is this real life?


I haven’t got over 30 in the fusing process in over 23 tries! Either I’m massively unlucky or this game seriously needs to fix this ASAP!


It’s more or less random. I got 50, then 20, and now it’s down to 10 per attempt. My Majundasuchus is taking its time in getting to level 12…


Yesterday I got two 80s in a row, followed by a 50. I was pretty happy. But by my own testing it’s definitely random and it’s heavily weighted on the lower end so you get 10s nearly half the time on average, with 20 or 30 being the next most common.

So yeah, it was an unlucky streak, but the good news is it’s just a streak and you’ll eventually hit numbers going the other way, hopefully the way I did.


my first fuse on indominus was 80. i was happy :). i think it took only 3-4 fuses to gather the 150. rng is rng.