Is this really a gift?

12 days of T-Rex aaannnd…

Really? Any DNA is good to receive, but 100 Rare Rex DNA?..


Its a shameful display, just like the rest of this game.


im gonna guess that day 12 is gonna be 50 t rex


I will not bat an eye if that happens

Man, don’t worry, Christmas day is 500 triceratops gen 2 dna…


Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll get 50 epic dna :roll_eyes:

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Ludia, seriously? If you want I give you back 100 dna on top. whats this?

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Such an embarrassment. This feels like a slap in the face. I tried, but it’s hard to feel grateful for this, it really is. Not even one fuse worth for a Tyrannolophosaur. Ludia seems to be failing at every turn right now


This game is out of control bad.

Why don’t they switch up some of the spawning Dino’s with some of the exclusives? Why? Because that’s not profitable for them.


Well I could give Ludia 10k of this DNA back as a gift, but I am disappointed with the 100 they gave me😐

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50 exclusive dna!!!

Yes that’d be great

Nah, 50 alanqa dna.

may 50 euclad or mammoth or rhino or pelta dna

Yeesh… I have never seen a more demanding player base until i joined this game… The gifts are at least SOMETHING. be happy you got anything and dogging the people that at least gave you 12 days of gifts in this game is very disrespectful. Its Christmas, just be happy. We wonder why they do not listen to us (the players) and that might be because half the time it is about stuff like this, someone not even thankful for a freebie… smh.


Yes it is.


This thread reads like something from r/choosingbeggars. Why is everyone so disappointed about free stuff?


Company just recently actually responded directly to the player base for the first time in 2 years. Half the posts in the thread are people thanking them for just responding to us. Post was literally liked 98 times. This player base isn’t ungrateful they just treat Ludia like they treat us.

If they wanted to give us a gift they could have just reverted the coin chase events back to how they were for the first two years of the game. Kept their 12 days of Trex and most people would have been happy.


im guessing day 12 is going to be indom or elridom or indo. why would they use raptor dna if there wasnt indy or her hybrids

100 dna, idk about you, but i could request it and get 500 from my alliance. sure its nice, but when its 12 days of christmas, you expect something more. like 1000 raptor dna is actually 3 darts worth of it which is a global. maybe if they give like 50 indy dna, i would be grateful for that or 10 uinque dna even, but at this rate we’ll be getting 5