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Is this really fair?

So my lad just had a couple of very one sided battles. Unsurprisingly he lost both 3-1, and the big surprise was he got 1 at all!
Here is his team

And here are the two teams he faced

So how is that possibly fair?
The craziest part of this is that both teams were within 200 trophies of his team which sits at 3600

Ludia’s matchmaking algorithm is questionable.

Admittedly some of those dinos are not very good so drawing them will result in losses.

It depends in the surrounding opponents and also the skill of the player in a fair fight. Could be a whale with no skill. You got 1 kill so probably a noob who just depends on overpowering opponents.

You can’t expect every opponent to have a team that mirrors yours. Unless you want to just fight the same 2 or 3 people that happen to be online at the same time as you who have identical teams.

I wouldn’t expect a team that mirrors his team, far from it.
I think he punches above his weight as it is, since his team and level isn’t necessarily a 3600 team in the first place.
But these teams are way above his level, and must be massively boosted too as he has 5/5/5 on his dinos and never got to go first at all, even when Utah fought Utah.
I don’t think even top level guys like you two would stand a chance in these match ups!
And if there aren’t close level players online, why can’t he fight ai?
The reason there aren’t so many online is because players get disheartened by this kind of match up in the first place!

I agree. AI has to be brought down to 2k trophies. That and trophy based matchmaking.

In terms of the current matchmaking that isn’t that hideous a match up compared to what you can get - and he wasn’t wiped out 3-0 which does happen.

While I agree Ludias match making is god awful… he is at 3600 without a unique… like you said he is punching above his weight… ive got people with uniques well below 3k. There is no fair way to match make someone who is playing above their teams normal trophy range… if your an above average battler you will often find yourself playing against lesser battlers with higher level teams.

I think he’s just hit a wall to be honest.
I explained that he is fighting players who have similar trophies, but much better teams. But since he’s only just 12 he doesn’t get that it’s fair that he fights people four levels higher with 6 unique dinos. And although I can accept that there may be players who aren’t the best in the arena, (so he gets to be higher than he should be), I can’t see how any algorithm sees these as fair battles. Other than a straight trophy only one, and I thought that was no longer the case.
This example makes a mockery of the supposedly new and fairer matchmaking.