Is this seriously true?

There are apparently only 7 rare hybrids currently in game, according to field guide:


yeah its true. why?

Yep, there are very few the truth, why?

I just realized and I can’t believe my eyes. I guess it just never registered in my head.

well, they can only be made with 2 commons. not a whole lot of variety after a bit.


Out the 7 five are usefull though so not bad

there are only 40 commons in-game

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That is about to make 20, if not more Rare hybrids

This is what Monolometrodon should be

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If it cost 50 per fuse, then yes. But it costs 500, so it’s a legendary

None of them are really bad (except for Majundasuchus) so I think it’s fine

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It’s because rare hybrids are really only starter creatures. It would be nice if we had some more though. A rare healer hybrid and a rare pure fierce hybrid would be quite nice. I would like to have enough rare hybrids to do a tournament with them eventually. I feel like that could be fun, even though purrolyth and suchotator would probably dominate it lol.

They could easily make more rare hybrids and make them stronger to match those 2

Which five do you mean?
(Inostherium, Suchotator, Purrolyth, Einiasuchus, …)