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Is this settup ok for a level 39 park?

this is my best cenezoic team for now at lvl 39 how is it?
Screenshot 2021-06-21 3.02.44 PM

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Don’t worry about ceno, u haven’t even properly unlocked it.


Lvl 39 and this WOW, you are wayyy ahead of your lvl! This might make some Ceno battles hard, can I see your lineup (land, aquatics and ceno pls).

Ceno battles are never hard when u first unlock it.

for me, most cenos have been easy thanks to the ridiculous attack of the gastornis. My line up will have to wait until probably sunday :frowning:

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yeah, they were fairly easy

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Can I see your lineup for land’s and aquatics please

yeah sorry i didn’t see this sooner. I will post them in a couple days