Is this something that needs a bug report?

Ok, so i worked my butt off leveling up the sanqt in my front yard to level 6. Was pretty much all me and hardley ever had another players dinos inside.

I log in this morning and its full, I cannot even place 1 critter in the sannqt, thats in my front yard, that I worked hard to level up.

Pretty upset. :neutral_face:

It seems like it is functioning as expected. Someone walking by, or someone from your alliance saw empty slots and dropped in unannounced. That is how they function.

You must be the most unlucky player in the game !
I haven’t seen a single sanctuary within miles of us with anything in it !

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It was 100% my guild, they sniped every slot that was available lol. :sweat_smile:

Wouldn’t be so bad if someone had thrown in a Kentro, or something I need, but nope. :rofl:

I have absolutely no data to back this next thought up.

I am thinking most players do not have a clue how sanctuaries function. If they do not come to the forum here and read, how could they? So, they see a level 6 with a slot open, they most likely look at it as more beneficial to drop in there than start one of their own, that would only be level 3. 6 is greater than 3, right? So it must be better.

We now know that they gain absolutely no benefit from this. They are going to get a few dna when it gets sent home if their creature is a level 2 or a level 30. Same dna from being sent home from a level 3 sanctuary or a level 6 sanctuary. They are going to get fewer dna for interacting with a level 2 creature over a level 30 creature. But, they are thinking that interacting with their own creature is more benefit to them. After all, why would they want to interact with someone else’s creature?

It comes down to lack of information available outside of this forum. There is no tutorial or in-game explanation of how any of it functions. No dropdowns explaining the mechanics of it, nothing. How are they supposed to know? So, unless we, the players, try to inform others about how it all works, they will continue to see an open slot in the highest level Sanctuary in the list, and drop in.

And, how are we supposed to inform them? The in-game chat function, right? Which does not function properly and jumps all around if you try to scroll up above the requests to read anything making it impossible to actually read any messages.


As long as they dropped thiers in after you cant you just replace your 1st dino out a few minutes after it drops and keep it going?

Didn’t have the option, woke up and logged in, and 2 dinos were back and the sanqt was full.

I dont have a lifestyle that affords 24/7 access to JWA. :wink:

Not a big deal though, spending a lot more time on console games these days then phone games. Maybe someone will throw in a Kentro if I miss the next slot opening, heh. :slight_smile:

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It really does seem strange that sanctuaries something that has the greatest appeal to casuals beyond just darting and collecting have arguably more complex of a game design then the battle portion of the game.

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