Is this team good enough? HELP!


Like everyone else, I would like to end this tournament at + 4000. Not that the reward would be much for me, I want to make it there because it would help make it all seem worth it. This is my team and I stand at 3824 trophies. I’m just wondering if it’s good enough to at least reach 4k (even if I cant stay long), and if I should bother making a trophy push or not. Any advice and future suggestions would be appreciated. Also, if I get enough Pyro DNA this weekend I should be able to create and then level Pyrritator to 17. Plus, my Tryo was just born today.


The competition to get into the 4K club is harsh these days, but I think that team could get you there if you work it well :ok_hand:t2:
I would say try and level a couple in the next 3 days, but now that an update is comin, I’d advise against that. All up to you, of course. Best of luck on your climb, hope you make it!!


Def make it to 4k with that.


Tanicolagreus is really so powerfull? Recently I saw a lot of people using it.


High dmg, very fast, has nullfying impact and armor piercing strike. He’s good overlevelled.


This word scares me :sob: My tany is ready to lev 19 but I am saving coins and waiting for the new patch to be released… Don’t touch my tany please :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


seems good, but if you can make more things,
make and use dilourano or baryonix hybrid.

amd, I think tany and allo is not a good choice
for it…


I’m working on hybrids so I can make replacements. Only got Tryo yesterday thanks to the strike tower. Otherwise, I rarely see bary. I see Orano even less. Thanks for the input!


its the best common overall


i would do that too if my fricking strike tower gave me baryonx instead of gorgosuchus


Not that it matters now, but I did finally make it to 4k today. I finished the tournament at 390X. Swapped Gorgo for Tryo. Took out Allo and replaced it with my new lvl 17 Pyrritator. She definitely helped, but my hero was actually Monomimus and good RNG. My reward was making it to a new arena and the one time offer.


Congrats man!
Keep grinding, there’s another tournament coming soon apparently!


Great…another trophy reset bloodbath! Thank you @Hersh!


Haha, I really hope not! Once was enough :joy:
I’m happy enough just getting a migration honestly… though I’ve yet to see anything out of the usual so far :man_shrugging:t4: