Is this team good?


Acro is good for fusing hybrids, as is Indom. In lower arenas Indom is fairly decent, but I wouldn’t boost it unless you buy boosts and want to use it for tournaments.


Ok so what your saying is the creatures that got me to 3019 trophies are basically useless in battles

no not at all - I just wouldn’t level past what is needed because you will need later for hybrids

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Oh ok um I’ll see if i can use different creatures to replace them

the rest of your team is good for the level you are at, but again, I would really make sure not to level past what is needing for fusing hybrids. Typically 15 or 20 is safe.

Mega is great - however, again, I personally would not level past 20 unless your primary focus is tourneys, in which case level up to your hearts content. thyla has been safe to level up so far, but then again, this is ludia we are talking about, and now super-duper hybrids are a thing xD

Yeah that’s true but ludia in my opinion does great to make people use brains by bringing mega hybrids and ETC.

yes, my only point was nothing is safe from a fusable apex now that it is a thing. Before fusable apexes were a thing, there was a bit of an unspoken rule that superhybrids like Thyla couldn’t be fused, but that is now not the case. Because of this it’s up to personal preference as to whether or not to level up past certain levels or not simply because later on a hybrid may be on the table. Thyla is one that, if it were to become a super-duper hybrid apex, level 25 is safe becuase that is the starting point for fusing apexes. Other creatures such as compy 2 might be safet to leave at 15 or 20 depending on how ludia chooses to use them for hybrids in the future.

I’d put you concavenator on your team

Anything that is currently on their team is better than concave

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Id repace acro with the legendary allo

Concavenator is goat

Personally, I’m a massive fan of the use what you want part of this game. I use an epic and legendary hybrid, and I’m in the high aviary-low library area. The meta doesn’t mean everything in this game. Yeah the meta dinos help you progress faster, but you may find that you get tired of seeing the same 12 dinos. Non metas help with that :slight_smile:


I don’t know but I think the phorusrhacos is kinda good because it can have 143 speed all the time unless it speed reduced or if u have phorusaura it’s good to

Phorusrhacos is so bad. It can get stalled out by instant distraction without dealing a single hit of damage. Phorusaura is ok tho


Ok then I’m just saying maybe

Try Allosino instead of Acro and also that Purrolyth is pretty good
Try using it