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Is this the best non VIP Building?

I feel like maintenance facility is the best non VIP Building,because it is so cheap,takes less space and generates so many coins,far better than many other expensive coin Buildings that underperform.

In terms of coin production each building is useless. The more you progress in the game the less is their contribution.
If you want them in your park then only for missions and because they look nice.


Okay . But I seem to need coin all the time so it would not hurt to get some of those! I am level 23 now. So I do not get too many coins easily.

Placing decorations around dinosaur padocks is a better way to get coins. However, you will eventually run into missions where you need to collect x amount of coins from buildings (these can be specific buildings like communication centers).
For those missions which aren’t building specific I prefer Horizon Observatories as I can just leave them for 16 hours whilst they generate coin. Other buildings will generate quicker (a whole bunch of power generators for example will generate as much as one Observatory in far less time), but you have to constantly log in to collect from them. So it’s kind of a balancing act which depends on how often you can (or want to) get into the game.
No matter what buildings you go for, just don’t forget to surround them with decorations.
You should also try and find out when these missions will appear for you, that way you can prepare and have the buildings in place and start collecting straight away.


Dinosaur paddocks typically generate majority of your income and buildings become a marginal source of income. However, you get missions to produce coins with a specific type of building, produce coins with buildings or produce coins with buildings with x% buff. You should have at least one of every building for the missions, as long as there is enough space in the yard.

As for maintenance facilities, they do not need a revenue tower. They have a 21 hour cycle, so just put them somewhere in the badge beacon’s range. As for the production, it depends of how often you gather buildings on average. ACU Security office is the best building if the average gathering interval is less than 7 minutes, at which point it gets surpassed by Jungle Bean Coffee Shop until 32 minutes of collection interval, at which point it gets surpassed by Power Generator, which is the best at 32 - 78 min interval. That in turn gets surpassed by the Little Fossil Gift Shop, which is the best at the 78 minutes - 5 hours 42 minutes. After that, Maintenance Facility is the best building. Horizon Observatory produces like two maintenance facilities, although it is as big as three.

Okay,I think Maintenance facility is the best for me.

A maint shed does what like 8820/21 hours

A level 40 Triceratops is 1280/5minutes.

I did the math on this as a new player and if I built a LOT of whatever building (limited by park space), sure it could make a tons of coins. Like millions a day!

But the dinos made so much more!

What park level are you that you want to do this?

I pull in about 4 million coin per hour. 2 million of that is likely from 3 different dinosaur groups.

One maint shed is about 420 coins/hr. Lets say you get 300% bonus on them all making it 1680/hr. You would need well over 2000 maint sheds to get the same amount of coins.

If you have extra coins that you want to “re-invest” in your park, go ahead. But please don’t make this a goal.

You are FAR better off buying the best decorations for increasing dino coin production.

The main problem I have with maintenance buildings is that they are seriously ugly and I wouldn’t want a whole bunch of them ruining my park. That said though, they are good for those horrible “Collect 20 billion coins from buildings” missions.


It really all depends on how often you check your park. The 2x2 grid square buildings are high on economy for space. It also depends on how many towers are available.

The power generators and jungle bean coffee shops have the same coin production rate, but the coffee shops time out at 30 minutes. These two produce coins faster than a maintenance building, but not for as long. So if you play often, these are a good option.

Past that, maintenance buildings are the best for space if you don’t check the game much.

Maintenance building 490 coins/hr for 18hrs.

Power generator is 780 coins/hr but for only 1hr.

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In the space they occupy , they may not be as good as triceratops but are still really good atleast to me as a level 23 player

Ok, Level 23.

As long as you are completing all other events, and your food production is always running, sure, you can buy those.

You don’t have any very good decorations unlocked yet.

Make sure to keep a coin reserve in case you need several attempts as some events.

Good luck!

I always spend coins, I am 25 now,have 3 aquatics ,Xiphactinus,Protostega and Prognathodon,in my previous acc , I had a giant orthocone as my best Aquatic,Level 10,Panochtus as my best Cenezoic ,along with a level 20 glyptodon and my best land were Rajastega 10,Raptor 40,Priono-20,Unaysaurus 20.

Thanks! I have reached level 25,and hence all the rare pack events are now Super rare ones,so that is not too great,cuz It will be much harder than the regular rare ones,I only rejoined this tuesday in a new acc. So I do not have such amazing stuff.