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Is this the best Spin Wheel Pack?

There are certain events where we recieve a spin wheel with a certain chance of a specific card pack,according to me,the Cenezoic Battle Pack is the best,Climate shift pack,claim your territory and rarity rumble have a spin wheel as well,but the packs do not have any dino bucks ,while Ceenzoic Battle Pack does,and also a very minute,but still a chance to win a VIP or Tournament .

Whoa shouldn’t be mentioning that outloud or they’ll take those DBs out too! Yeah, probably one of the better packs in that respect, although combining the 10% chance of landing on the pack and the less than 1% chance of getting a VIP or tournament, which as we know often means a very very low chance, don’t count on ever seeing one of those! I know I never have.

As a VIP I always consider the Gold packs one of the better ones just due to the fairly high LP rewards you get. It’s certainly a bummer they took the DBs out of them but the legendary creature still has decent value as well.


Yeah! Golden Reward Packs have the aspect of higher LP,LP really help a lot,VIP Creatures are very valuable and then,if somebody does not want VIP Creatures,the trade harbor gives great offers for these guys I just got a Pyroraptor off the Trade harbor for 575 LP,before you call this a ripoff , it is much better than actually getting one for 1900 DB in search option and then it is event locked to me,and is a part of a very valuable hybrid for tournaments,so yes. But other than that,not much, I am going to focus on Spinoraptor and Stegoceratops for now .

I remember getting a VIP out of one of those Cenozoic Packs in my old account. Can’t remember what it is though. Tanycolagreus is my best guess.

I wouldn’t call it a ripoff but personally I would never do such a trade. I try to look at the economics of things when I spend resources in the game… what can I get with my funds that I can get the most mileage out of. I don’t want to spend it on a clunker that’s only going to be useful for me in the short term, I’d rather save up and spend it on something that might cost a bit more, but will run and run and run for a long time. In game terms, what dino that’s available to me for that resource is going to be the most useful long term? And no matter what level of player you are, or how long you have been playing, VIP creatures are one of the best. Nothing else gives you the same amount of ferocity paired with fast cooldowns. You never outgrow them, and they have much more room to be leveled up as you progress in the game than a rare dino does.

That’s why almost all players would tell you to use LPs exclusively for purchasing VIPs.


If VIPs had hybrids.

I did create a thread like that a while back,asking what would people like to see as hybrids among VIP creatures.

Hybrids at the same level as VIPs have longer CDs. Much longer. I’m not sure why you would want to use them for making hybrids.

I am stacking it for Carnoraptor,which I will get eventually,right now,my Ophiacomimus is a great rare hybrid, rare hybrids are excellent for tournaments and budget.

Maxed out at lvl 40, yes they are. Certainly worth spending DNA to build. But it has twice the CD of a level 20 VIP… which will have further use when you want to start adding Indoraptors because it can be leveled up to a comparable ferocity.

Yes , I did not check the cooldown,what is the cooldown on Maxed Rare hybrids?

Carnoraptor I know is 12 hours. I’d assume most are around that. Just as a comparison, a lvl 20 Concavenator has around a 4 hour CD. So basically for similar attack, you get 3 uses vs. just 1 in a tournament. Most of the VIPs at lvl 20 are around 6 hours, up to the Apato at 8. And again, if your ultimate goal is to make Indoraptors, VIPs can really help you get there. Rare hybrids will tap out too soon.

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I was thinking to get another Indominus when discounted,once I complete my battle stages form 60 to 70 ,cause overall each gives 4500 DNA,so in the end,I will have 27000 or 22500,which is going to be close to a discounted Indominus,but now I think getting Ophiacomimus up and improving other rare and super rare hybrids is not bad,I am considering getting these hybrids up,I have 1 at level 20 , 1 hatching,and 1 will be fused soon I have not unlocked it yet. So 2 level 20 Spinoraptors will do me lots of good.

DNA is the most precious resource in this game.

Be careful how you spend it.

End game hybrids are 40,000+ DNA.

Yes, you need to build up your current park to get reliable Dominator finishes, but if you can build dinos that help you in the late game (I-Rex) or ones that help you a little now, you should pick the late game one. (I don’t consider I-Rex end game, as a lot of other carnos are above it.)

If you can get what you need from PvP Modded for coins (Spinoraptor) instead of DNA, you should do that instead.

I built the Ophiacomimus (it was my second hybrid I had unlocked) and I have 2x at L30. I don’t use them much anymore other than PvE when needed (due to class or being a hybrid).

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Ophiacomimus is my 3rd hybrid I fused,and my 5th hybrid overall. I guess I will focus on Indom as you say,I am just kind of excited to have a herbivore that has decent attack and suitable for tournaments.

Another reason to work on collecting Spinoraptors is to make the super hybrid. Once Kapro s-DNA becomes more available in the game again, that’s a fantastic creature to have, I have a whole paddock of them now and even a few lvl 20’s.

All the s-Hybrids are some of my favorites to use in tournaments, with their really short CDs that rival VIPs, but the Spino in particular is a great one to have for players that aren’t ready for Indos yet and want a hard-hitting, fast CD carnivore for events.


Is Tapejalosaurus a good idea?

So long as your lineup can support it, absolutely


Level 1 I rex gen 2 has about the same ferocity as a lvl 10 Tapejalosaurus.